«Mission and safety.» Venediktov said the reasons why Putin cares about power

Russian President Vladimir Putin cherishes power for two reasons. Such opinion on air of radio station «Echo of Moscow» was expressed by its chief editor Alexei Venediktov.

«The first – as far as I can through the fellowship with people, its surrounding, its opponents say, he sees a mission. His return to the presidency after the Medvedev interlude was followed in a narrow circle with the words: «see, without me, just haven’t lined up all that I could safely leave and reach out to someone. Tried – it is visible, that begins to unravel, so I haven’t finished this design, where Russia is strong and powerful, rose from his knees,» he said.

According to Venediktova, «it said loved ones who know him the price».

«The second story, I think, not less important, is the history of his personal safety. He made a lot of enemies – political enemies and force enemies. Here we heard in the news how it was guarded during his visit to Syria. I must tell you that Yes, American presidents are also guarded. Because there are lots of people who will want revenge. And no security,» – said the chief editor of «Echo of Moscow».

He noted that «some presidential candidates say that Putin must be in the security zone».

«Yeah, I guess there’s physical security, do not forget. And I think this is also an important reason. So: mission and security», – said Venediktov.

65-year-old Putin is President of Russia since may 2000, with a break in 2008-2012, when he was Prime Minister.

December 6, Putin announced his intention to run for the next presidential elections scheduled for 2018. A politician will go to elections as the independent candidate.

«Mission and safety.» Venediktov said the reasons why Putin cares about power 17.12.2017

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