Missing 16-year-old Crimean Tatar girl was found in Krasnodar

Crimean contact group on human rights reported that they had found the missing Elvin razakova. About this on his page in Facebook wrote the lawyer Emil Kubedinov.

«The girl is now at home. The information was confirmed by the Crimean and the contact group on human rights», − he said.

«She said that in Krasnodar, I went and picked her up,» said father Alvina Abdulaziz Razakov.He did not disclose details of the disappearance Alvina, saying only that she went to Krasnodar «itself, as usually happens in children», and I quote «Crimea. Realities».

According to him, the arrival of girls was already waiting police. They were going to interrogate her, despite the entreaties of relatives «to wait until Wednesday morning».

Facebook later his words were confirmed by Kubedinov.

«From the moment they are with my daughter crossed the threshold of the house, the police immediately Alvine require to appear for questioning. The girl’s father tries to explain that today he and daughter just can’t at them during interrogations to sit. Requests to reschedule for tomorrow. However, according to father Alvina, they gave an ultimatum: either today, questioning, or searches for all his relatives … I immediately thought of the stolen spouse Araslanova Mukhtar, which after the interrogation in the police is still not able to come. And others.»

As reported, 16-year-old Crimean Tatar girl Elvin razakova went missing on January 13 in Simferopol. She left home in the morning to study and since then her whereabouts was unknown.

Missing 16-year-old Crimean Tatar girl was found in Krasnodar 10.02.2016

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