Ministry of defense, journalists and volunteers talked of the battles of Avdiyivka

During the collision with the enemy near Avdeevka members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine acted clearly and skillfully.

On Monday January 30, said the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak, transferred to a press-Department service.

According to him, this gave the opportunity to capture the stronghold of the enemy.

Poltorak said that the assault of the enemy was continued this morning.

«The night was calm, but this morning again began the active phase. Attacks the enemy is of the prohibited means, in particular tanks and artillery», — concluded the head of the defense Ministry of Ukraine.

As reported in the press service of the regional police Department, in connection with the deteriorating situation at the front in Avdeevka sent additional police squad. Law enforcement officers are serving in emergency mode.

«According to the decision of the chief of police in Donetsk region Vyacheslav Abroskin, Avdiivka police transferred to the strengthened option of service, the city also sent a detachment of police. Law enforcement officers patrol the streets of the village and help local residents», — is spoken in the message.

It is noted that in the city there is no electricity and no working gas stations.

The journalist Yury Butusov said that during the fighting for Avdeyevka on January 29 units of the 1st battalion of 72nd mechanized brigade defended their positions and chance in a counter attack took a number of enemy positions in the area of Yasynuvata interchange on the flank of the industrial zone.

«Shooting in Avdeevka continue. 11th infantry regiment «DND» and transferred to their rescue reserves trying to recover the situation,» he wrote on his page in Facebook.

At the same time, the Ukrainian military respond blow for blow.

«From our side, there are other divisions, the fights are also on the site of the 12th infantry battalion. Thus, acting in the purpose of self-defense and in order to fulfill the conditions Minsk agreements, our troops in the fighting on 29-30 January, have improved their tactical position,» — said Butusov. But the shooting continues, the front Avdiyivka fighters ATO hold, all attempts of counter-attacks are reflected, however, there remains the possibility that the enemy will continue to try will return the lost positions.

«Now our losses under Avdiyivka in the fighting on 29-30 January amounted to seven soldiers», — the journalist told.

According to Butusov, the militants want to cling to the industrial area of Avdiivka and «besieged» the road to deter takeover from the North of Donetsk, transfers «112 Ukraine».

«Near Avdeyevka constantly fighting… They want to cling to the industrial area of Avdeyevka and the blockade of the road between Gorlovka and Donetsk in order to continue on that line to keep our troops from taking Donetsk from the North and from approaching Yasinovataya. Direct connection with the blockade, it’s not,» he said.

According to volunteers of the center «Come alive», in the area of military operations under the plant to help the rebels sent more than 20 Trucks with Russian special forces.

«From radio intercept it became known that the terrorists are going more than two dozen Trucks with Russian special forces. But the Ukrainian military fully control the situation», — volunteers reported.

In addition, it is noted that the militants reduced the number of attacks from heavy artillery, while mortars 82 mm and 120 mm shooting still.

As reports «Island» with reference to a source in the ATO headquarters, over the period from 20.00 Sunday 15.00 Monday, during the fighting in the industrial area of the Town, the militants «DNR» passed two positions called «Diamonds» and appeared in the operational environment.

According to the source, during this time, the militants have lost about 10 people, many wounded.

It is noted that after the night of fights, enemy radio intercepts show a deficit of militants fighting in the Donetsk Airport area (towns: Gaburici, Fun) ammo. Militants offer to buy them or exchange for food.

Volunteer Yuri Mysyagin said in Facebook that on the arc Svetlodarsk held another escalation, noting that there since yesterday evening to this moment «very hot».

«The orcs pulled all the heavy weapons, which, as they thought, they secretly pulled up the past few days. There is information that in addition to mortars and cannon artillery, they use «Grad», — said in his message.

The volunteer says that the 54th brigade all under control.

«Our glorious infantry stands on all his new and old positions. «Third force» is also on the spot», — told Mysyagin.

We will remind, on January 29 in the area of Avdeyevka industrial zone in the morning, the militants carried assault to capture the position of APU. Four Ukrainian soldiers were killed and five wounded. Also as a result of shelling wounded two civilians. Avdeevka lost power.

On 30 January, the fighting in the vicinity of the Town continues. The press officer of the brigade, located at the positions of Elena Mokrenchuk noted that the militants used heavy prohibited weapons, including shells of 120 mm and 152 mm Mokrenchuk added that the shelling across the line of demarcation from the Donetsk airport to the Yasynuvata interchange.

As reported on January 30, the last day in the ATO area in the Donbas five soldiers of the Armed forces of Ukraine were killed and fourteen were injured and the injury, what the vast majority of incurred losses in the fighting in Avdeevka.

Ministry of defense, journalists and volunteers talked of the battles of Avdiyivka 30.01.2017

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