Milov: Putin waited so long with the extension on the advice of spin doctors

A statement on the nomination of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin for another presidential term, made only on 6 December, has no political overtones. This opinion was expressed by Russian opposition politician, Director of the Institute of energy policy Vladimir Milov in Facebook.

«It’s just a recommendation of the consultants, which coincides with his own reluctance to get involved in an active campaign to explain the results of his last «work», – the oppositionist noted.

Milov explained that Putin, first, I wanted for as long as possible to stay «above the fray» while «some sketchy characters» swearing and «rushed to the throne».

«Political reason # 2 – participation in the campaign, like it or not, suggests at least to some degree the need to explain yourself for past deeds and tell plans for the future. Yes, some reports and plans that. Not Imperial this business, I have a right Assad, left, Rothenberg and the tramp stuck», he continued.

A third reason for the delay in advance, according to the politician, was the President’s desire «to monagatari uncertainty in a situation» when his hands were all trumps.

«It is generally best tactic. To bring down the sight of the enemy, all sorts of warblers there filled that «he will not go, will be the successor», to defocus the enemy to get nervous,» – said Milov.

He added that, despite the political calculations, the nomination of the President looked «very poorly».

«All the value of his «political technologists» is broken on this one fully state-owned Soviet approach – to forcibly drive away the workers in the factory (fucking workers! Well, at least in «Yandex» or «virus» on the nomination announced!) and make them yell «Allah Akbar» – and this type should be treated as a SuperCool extension, which all competitors will erase in a powder» – said the oppositionist.

Milov added that people will laugh at the nomination of Putin.

«We are still in the 1970s, saw. In General, theatrical pause ended zilch» – summed up the politician.

Milov: Putin waited so long with the extension on the advice of spin doctors 07.12.2017

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