Military on the island of serpents are training to repel the landing of enemy troops

Security forces conducted exercises to protect Maritime borders of the island snake. On 15 February, reported the press service of the State border service of Ukraine.

«Frontier guards of the Odessa Marine guard detachment conducted jointly with the naval units of the Armed forces of Ukraine training to ensure the protection of the Maritime boundary in the case of aggravation of the situation around snake island», – is spoken in the message.

In particular, in action took part the forces and means of the border guard detachment of Maritime security, ship-boat composition and the aircraft of naval forces of Ukraine.

«During training in conditions of high combat readiness of the units practiced coherence during the maneuvers, conducted an audit of weapons, the quality of communication, and practiced landing,» said the guards.

In addition to the defense of the island with sea snake, the units practiced elements of protection against attacks from the air and resisted the landing enemy troops.

We will remind, in February of naval forces of Ukraine and Maritime security of state border service strengthened the defense of the island snake. Additional security measures made «in the eventuality of a difficult situation».

Snake island in the Black sea belongs to Ukraine and defines its territorial waters. The island of cruciate shape, the area is 20.5 hectares, and the distance between the extreme points — 615 and 560 meters. A population of 100 people. The distance to Odessa — 120 km.

Earlier, former Minister of foreign Affairs of Sweden Aaron Korewa warned that instead of development of offensive operations to earth against Ukraine in 2016 Russia may resort to offensive sea and capture the snake island, cutting off the Odessa sea trading port from the message with the world.

December 14, 2015 Russia stole two Jack-up rigs that were in Ukrainian territorial waters near the natural gas fields of Odessa in the Black sea.

Military on the island of serpents are training to repel the landing of enemy troops 16.02.2016

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