Military officials responsible for the inhuman living conditions of the military, faces up to 9 years of imprisonment

The military Prosecutor’s office of the Nikolaev garrison initiated criminal proceedings for improper provision of social and living conditions and food fighters 53-th separate mechanized brigade of the Armed forces of Ukraine on the range Wide lang (Mykolaiv region).

As have informed in a press-service of military Prosecutor’s office of the southern region, production started February 8, according to the statement of soldiers, who because of the terrible conditions on foot went to the ground in Nikolaev.

The Prosecutor’s office said that the information in the Unified register of pretrial investigations made on the grounds of criminal offenses under part 3 of article 426-1 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (excess by the military official of authority or official powers that caused grave consequences), shall be punished by imprisonment for the term from 5 till 9 years.

«People in uniform, according to them, lost hope that the command will solve these problems, and went to the Prosecutor. After learning about this campaign, but think about the commanders and officials, and found the bus, and people were fed.

Meeting with the military Prosecutor was held in the evening.

Questions to the Colonel of justice Alexander Cat had a lot: about living conditions at the landfill, money udovolstvy, holidays, respect for subordinates of command, etc.», — reported in Prosecutor’s office.

After the meeting, the cat along with the military personnel went to the landfill, where it is now.

The same evening on the left polygon and the first Deputy military Prosecutor of the southern region of Ukraine the Colonel of justice Peter Visnyk. With his participation in the arrangement unit of the 53rd brigade began the work of the joint group of employees of military Prosecutor’s office of the Nikolaev garrison and the southern territorial administration of Military service of law and order of VSU.

In the framework of criminal proceedings carried out Prime investigative actions. Respondents almost 30 soldiers and commanders of the military unit, inspected the scene.

«During carrying out investigative actions it is established that the 3rd battalion of the 53rd brigade was relocated to Shirokolanovsky polygon of the Dnepropetrovsk area four days ago. Rear service don’t have time to organize the reception and accommodation of personnel in accordance with the requirements of the Charter, and the commanders have not taken measures to create normal living conditions for people. In particular, in the tent 20 is placed nearly three times more troops», — noted in Prosecutor’s office.

During the pre-trial investigation examines the activities of the commander of a military unit to create proper living conditions for troops in the field camp and logistics divisions, in particular, food, clothing, bathing and Laundry service; the rights of servicemen material and other support; ensure the rights to health protection, medical care.

«In particular, he said Visnyk, today will be organized washing of the personnel. Commanders after our conversation, he found the opportunity to get people out to the bathhouse in town.»

Currently, according to him, it becomes clear whether the military unit command measures to preserve and improve the health of subordinates; ensure the safety requirements for drills and other measures of combat training.

As reported, 46 soldiers of the 53rd mechanized brigade, located on the range Wide lang on 8 February in the afternoon went to Nikolaev to complain to the military Prosecutor on the conditions of service after the relocation under Nikolaev, carried out 5 days ago. The military personnel stated that sleeping in leaky tents, practically in the snow, they have nowhere to wash, from food in the presence of only dry rations.

In the General staff in response to claims the military has promised to conduct an internal investigation and draw an official, the fault which occurred this situation, to criminal liability.

Military officials responsible for the inhuman living conditions of the military, faces up to 9 years of imprisonment 10.02.2016

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