Military expert Golts about «atomic train» Russia: the less money the Russian government, the more chances to survive

Russia had to minimize the program on the development of the fighting railway complexes (bzhrk), a new generation, which is a good sign. This opinion was expressed by Russian military expert Alexander Goltz in Facebook.

«Put an end to another attempt to keep Americans a hedgehog in his pants. The last five years, the Russian defense industrial complex strongly insisted on its intention to revive on a more modern basis bzhrk that once existed in the composition of the strategic missile forces», – he said.

The expert noted that in July this year, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin reported on full readiness of the industry to the production of rail-mobile missile system «Barguzin».

«Imagine that every day on the Railways of the country runs a few compositions ready for immediate launch strategic missiles. In Washington went crazy with the frightening uncertainty – what if the unpredictable Russian come to mind to strike, and us strategic intelligence in powerlessness biting elbows», – he wrote.

Goltz recalled that in 1987 on combat duty have taken up the compositions with bzhrk «Good», the elimination of which was one of the main requirements of the United States to a new Treaty on the reduction of strategic offensive arms start-2. However, produced in Ukraine of the complexes in the Russian Federation got rid of by 2005, and to revive rail-mobile missile systems based on Russian strategic missiles were not because it was not necessary.

«Under BRICK need to create special infrastructure: secret depot that need to service rocket trains, specially fortified railroad tracks, whose quality must be regularly checked (if the rails come train with nuclear missiles, no one seems a little). In terms of the current start-3 Treaty all the strategic carriers, and therefore missiles mounted on trains, shall be marked in a special way and be subject to regular inspections. All this, and American satellite intelligence make possible Russian advantage, to put it mildly, doubtful», – said the expert.

He added that the Americans for 40 years trying to explain Soviet and Russian authorities, what is the advantage to first strikes increases the likelihood that a potential enemy will strike first.

«In any case, the rejection of the «Barguzin» is a good sign. This means that in conditions of economic hardship, the Russian government is Willy-nilly forced to abandon the excess from the military point of view the plans,» said Goltz.

A military expert said that the Kremlin recently wanted to «scare US to death», trying to realize five to seven very expensive nuclear projects. Were admitted information leakage about unmanned submarine «Status-6» capable of delivering megaton munitions to the United States. They also talked about plans to use the bottom of the missile «SKIF», which is the underwater version of «Barguzin».

«It is obvious that the Kremlin will be doomed to abandon these exotic projects, which have the sole purpose to scare Americans to death. Alas, the less money the Russian authorities, so we have more chances to survive,» he concluded.

Military expert Golts about «atomic train» Russia: the less money the Russian government, the more chances to survive 07.12.2017

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