Militants used under Krasnogorovka tanks and fired more than 70 min.

In the past days in zone anti-terrorist operation three Ukrainian servicemen were killed and another one wounded. About it today at a briefing in Kyiv reported the press Secretary of the President’s Col.

«For the past day killed three Ukrainian military. One soldier was injured, not compatible with life, during the shelling of the positions near Talakivka. Two defenders were killed, hitting on enemy mine near the village of Lugansk Bakhmut district, Donetsk region. And there, one soldier was injured,» said Matusevich.

For the past day on the Mariupol direction in the area of settlement Krasnogorovka militants have used against the ATO forces with tanks and made mortar attack.

«In Mariupol direction the situation in Krasnogorovka remains dire. Against our troops, the enemy used tanks and fired more than 70 min. the Weapons banned by the Minsk agreements, illegal armed groups used in the dark,» said Matusevich.

According to him, in Marinka in the early days there was a firefight lasting more than two hours using small arms and rocket-propelled grenades of various systems.

In Talakovka against the ATO forces, the enemy used weapons of infantry fighting vehicles, mortars and small arms.

Also in Lebedinsky and Shirokino there were mortar attacks by militants. Granite opened fire the enemy sniper.

On the Mariupol direction was 20 shelling of positions of forces ATO», — said Matusevich.

According to him, in Lugansk direction militants have intensified again. Late in the evening the terrorists opened fire in the area of Popasnaya. The enemy fired 12 shells at the positions of ATO forces in the neighboring Popasnaya Novozvanivka. And surrounding villages — Novoaleksandrovka and Bohuslav — used heavy machine guns.

In Donetsk direction the enemy continued to use mortars against the Ukrainian defenders. So, just after midnight heavy mortar fire were fired at the ATO forces near the settlement of Nevelsk yasinovatskiy area. There late in the evening the enemy used guns. It is established that the shelling was conducted from artillery batteries located in the occupied Donetsk. Also in mortar fire hit the Ukrainian positions near the mine «Putilovskaya» (known as «the mine Butovka») and Trinity.

In addition, according to Motuzyanik, continues active opposition in the industrial area of Avdeyevka and on the outskirts of Horlivka. In the Donetsk airport — the calm. «In General, over the past day the enemy violated the regime of silence in Donetsk direction 18 times,» — said the representative of the AP.

Yesterday, Ukrainian troops in repelling the assault under Krasnogorovka of Donetsk region destroyed three fighters, five more wounded. This was reported Motuzyanik, referring to the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

«Three dead and five more injured of the two so-called gangs «DNR» and two groups of so-called «LNR». The greatest losses of the so-called «100-th separate motorized rifle brigade», «DNR» in the Wake of a failed assault on the positions of ATO forces in the area Krasnogorovka,» said Matusevich.

He also noted that, according to Gur, militants from the force yesterday attacked a reconnaissance unit of his gangs, capturing all the arms, ammunition, body armor, food, and fuel.

As reported at the headquarters of ATO in the past days the situation in the ATO area remained restless. There are 44 of the shelling of positions of Armed forces of Ukraine, including 19 in Donetsk and Mariupol directions and 6 in Lugansk.

Militants used under Krasnogorovka tanks and fired more than 70 min. 19.06.2016

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