Militants have used «Grad» later, 11 hours after the «ceasefire»

The militants despite the cease-fire, had used «Grad» ATO forces forgive the Trinity. This reports the press center of the ATO.

«According to recent information, in Luhansk region, militants struck from MLRS «Grad», probably a portable version, towards our positions in the district of Trinity and Boguslavsky», — stated in the message.

Press center ATO: militants strengthen in Kominternovo

In the ATO said that militants continue to flagrantly violate the recent agreements on the mode of «silence» in the ATO zone.

Since the beginning of the day, December 23, the seven times they opened fire towards the positions of Ukrainian troops. Except for two cases of application of the fighters weapons, which were recorded just after midnight, five times they tried to provoke our soldiers to open fire.

As of 9.00 7.00 a.m. three times they opened fire. In particular, anti-tank missiles toward our positions in Granite that on the Mariupol direction, from small arms in the area of Mayorsk, Horlivka.

Also on our soldiers in the area experienced led the fire with the sniper invaders.

In turn, units of the ATO forces strictly adhere to the reached yesterday in Minsk agreements on non-use of weapons and on provocation not be.

These flagrant violations of the Russian authorities controlled by the militants of the ceasefire testify to their unwillingness to peaceful dialogue to de-escalate the armed conflict in the Donbass inadequate and the position of the leaders of the NFP in compliance with the Minsk agreements.

We will remind, on December 22 in Minsk agreed to a ceasefire on the night of December 23.

Press center ATO: militants strengthen in Kominternovo

In the press center of ATO claim that insurgents are still in Kominternovo, where are strengthening their positions. About this informed the head of the press center of the ATO Anton marinovich.

«They are still in Kominternovo, but in the course of the day, no provocation was not done,» he added

«The militants there stronger, carry out fortification equipment of positions,» he said.

Marinovich recalled that the Ukrainian side appealed to the OSCE mission to SCCC with a request to resolve the situation.

At the same time he denied the statements of head of the «Azov» Bielecki, claiming that the APU had intended to go in Kominternovo.

«Such information we do not. None of the men had no right to be in the locality. We had it under control from a distance», he added.

When asked whether the actions of the militants «mirror response» to the fact that the ATO forces had recently entered Pavlopol, he explained that in this village, which under the Minsk agreements should be monitored by the APU, were fighters.

As you know, Tuesday, December 22, about the capture militants Kominternovo said the General headquarters and the press center of the ATO.

Observers hmm OSCE are unable to get captured by militants in Kominternovo.

Kominternovo is near Mariupol in the so-called «grey zone» – the territory which should not be controlled by any of the parties.

Militants have used «Grad» later, 11 hours after the «ceasefire» 23.12.2015

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