Militants Givi killed by his subordinates: «He retaliated to any» rossm

Responsibility for the murder of the head of a band of «Somalia» Mikhail «Givi» Tolstykh occupied by the group «DNR» in Donetsk took over his subordinates.

According to the Russian newspaper «Novaya Gazeta», and the editors asked citizen of the Russian Federation, a mercenary from Moscow Igor Maltsevpresented by the fighter units «Somalia» which was directed by Fat.

Saying your call sign «the Frenchman» — Maltsev said that the attempt on the Givi organized he and three fighters of «Somalia».

«He retaliated to any» — said Maltsev.

The murder of the commander he calls the revenge of his colleagues allegedly thrown Givi during the battle at Avdeevka at the end of January 2017.

According to the fighter Myltseva, during heavy fighting at Avdeevka initiative from the very beginning had the units of the Ukrainian army. Part in the fighting for Avdeyevka industrial area and took the battalion Givi «Somalia». Representatives «DNR» reported at the time of injury the Givi during the battle. However, the Frenchman Igor Maltsev describes a different version of events.

Fearing for his life, as the mercenary Maltsev, Tolstoy departed from the positions of the battalion and shot himself in the foot.

«He thought no one would notice but we noticed. Then he took the doctor on duty at the hospital. After this, being already in Donetsk, he gave the order to cover (our) positions with artillery, despite the fact that we were there, (and) he thought we already no alive!», — told a Russian mercenary.

«Just leave, he could not, this desertion, the position to throw, he could not, it is the order of the male (the leader of the organization «DNR» Alexander Zakharchenko. — Ed.) (was) to stand up to the end! And then he probably realized that it’s over. Shot yourself in the foot and started screaming. He was taken away by medics, and half an hour later, we got hit by our own artillery» — went on to say «French».

Maltsev says that after the assassination of another leader, the battalion commander «Sparta» Arseny «Motorola» Pavlov, Givi seriously feared for his life, but because for security reasons he brought his family to Transnistria, and planned to go there himself, but did not.

«The entrance is up a penny, the output of the ruble — expressed terrorist «Somalia». — Givi not released («DNR»), and it was nice to get away – just from do not depart. It’s like thieves ‘world».

It tells Maltsev, he is now in the vicinity of Donetsk.

The gunman also called the accusations «the authorities of the DNI» to the Ukrainian intelligence services regarding the elimination of Givi «ridiculous.»

On the page «French» network «Vkontakte» posted a few dozen photos where he is shown together with other armed men, including in the middle of fighting positions, trenches, fortifications, against heavy weapons, anti-aircraft guns and armored personnel carriers.

«I wanted («MGB») and a little wounded, three others went underground. Zahara now have something to worry about» .

It is noted that the status of the action movie «Frenchman» in «Vkontakte» shortly after the assassination Givi appeared: «Dog’s death! Givi, this one’s for the dead boys at Avdeevka! ZAKHARCHENKO, YOU’RE NEXT!»

As reported, the leader of fighters of «Somalia» Mikhail Tolstoy, nicknamed Givi died from jet infantry flamethrower «bumblebee» February 8 in the temporarily occupied Donetsk.

Before that, February 3, intelligence reported that the Russian military-political leadership threatened to dismiss the leaders of the militants «DNR» in case of loss of control over Yasynuvata springboard. In the area around the Town – from the end of January were brutal battles: the Russian-terrorist troops repeatedly attacked the positions of ATO forces, but all their attacks were repulsed. The invaders lost their strategic positions («Almaz-2»), which are fully controlled by the road Donetsk — Lugansk and Donetsk — Gorlovka.

Militants Givi killed by his subordinates: «He retaliated to any» rossm 09.02.2017

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