Militants from the occupied Kominternovo were covered with MLRS «Grad» and ATGM on human settlements under Mariupol

On the Mariupol direction from the village of Kominternovo, which at the end of last year was captured by the Russian mercenaries, the militants were shelling from 122-mm MLRS «Grad» towards the settlement of sakhank.

On Wednesday 3 February, said the press center ATO page in the social network Facebook .

«At the same time, with the same Kominternovo with 16.22 16.05 to beat the invaders in the direction of the village October calibre mortars 120-mm anti-aircraft guns and anti-tank missile system,» reported at the headquarters.

In both cases, these provocative attacks were carried out for the purpose of prosecution the ATO forces in violation of the Minsk agreements, said the press center of the ATO.

In addition, staff reported that Pro-Russian armed gangs continue to violate the truce in the Donbass.

So, again it was restless in the area temporarily occupied Donetsk and Horlivka.

«Our strong points near the enemy may day was providing aimed fire from mortars and heavy machine guns. The positions in Marinka, Avdiivka and the insurgents used rocket-propelled grenades of various systems. In the area of experienced and Sands, the enemy shelled our FORTS from small arms», — stated in the message.

The strengthening of the forces of ATO in the area of Novgorod and nearby Luhansk were shelled by militants with rocket launchers and positions at Mayorsk «worked» for an enemy sniper.

Earlier today, the speaker of the presidential Administration of Ukraine on ATO Andrei Lysenko said that almost every day increases the number and intensity of attacks. Often the enemy uses heavy weapons. He also informed that at the Donetsk direction, insecurity remains across the front. The most difficult situation, according to him, persists in zaytsevo, where on Tuesday held a series of enemy attacks with the use 120-mm mortars. Another mortar attack took place near Mayorsk.

In addition, according to Lysenko, the situation has escalated around the Donetsk airport.

Previously, the OSCE observers in their report reported that on 30 January they had seen the «disguised vehicle of the military type between two civilian homes in Kominternovo (23 km North-East from Mariupol)». This tactically important for the battle the settlement was in the so-called «grey zone», however on December 22 of last year
was occupied by Pro-Russian militants and that a week later, in response to an official request of the Ukrainian side, the OSCE eventually has described this capture as a violation of the Minsk agreements.

The Ukrainian side has repeatedly pointed to the presence in Kominternovo military personnel of the Russian Federation.

That the militants hiding technique in the yards of residents Kominternovo, previously reported by the ATO headquarters.

Militants from the occupied Kominternovo were covered with MLRS «Grad» and ATGM on human settlements under Mariupol 04.02.2016

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