Milanovic told why he laid a hand on the former «regional» Dobkin

The incident in the court of Appeal between activist Maidan Alexander Kravchuk and Deputy Mykhailo Dobkin had a sequel. Milanovic invited the former regional how to talk to men on the street, but the politician hid behind his security team, said in a story TSN.

Alexander woke up today popular. It’s difficult to safely walk down the street.

«Sorry, but it’s not you, by any chance, Dobkin gave? I wish you health! Finally, even one person,» to know a man on the city’s streets.

Alexander admits that this fame is not wanted. However, calls Lucas to morale on the court, he was stunned. Says, «Berkut» shot at him and like him. Died friends. And after that Dobkin intervened with the remark: «do You ever shut your mouth, why are you screaming?». Says, hit the Deputy was not going. And generally not a proponent of fighting. However, in the eagerness of debate he could not restrain himself. Dobkin offered to go outside and talk to face to face. But he started to hide behind the guards.

«I reacted emotionally. He said shut up – he was used to, as a gentleman, accustomed yourself a gentleman to feel,» explains the activist.

Alexander explains that the dissatisfaction accumulates is not the first month. For crimes against the Maidan no one has been punished. Former «berkutovets» were released, their colleagues beat activists who are against this protest. The initiators of violent clashes and ardent supporters of Yanukovych, former officials and security forces – feel, walking around, happy and satisfied.

«This is a direct consequence of the fact that created the Party of regions and people like Dobkin. They fanned the fire of opposition, they maintained. At the same time they feel good, sitting in Kiev, respectable, allow yourself boorish to treat people,» — said Milanovic.

Sam Dobkin on phone calls today, not answered. Only in social networks wrote that offended at journalists and how they cover a conflict. Media workers he calls «krmilniki hacks». And Maidan activist – «we». Dobkin will be served on the offender in court – is still unknown. The activist says, it didn’t seem to bother.

«If we came under gunfire on 16 January, each for 15 years light, that I claim from Dobkin is ridiculous,» he explained.

As reported, during the trial of Lucas beat Dobkin. The unknown man was outraged by the position of deputies from «Oppositional block» in the Maidan and demanded from the politicians to apologize to the people. Nestor Shufrich and Olena Lukash has ignored these demands, however, Dobkin began to answer the man. Their quarrel escalated into a fight.

Milanovic told why he laid a hand on the former «regional» Dobkin 20.11.2015

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