Microsoft has released a mobile app for the blind

Microsoft has developed an application Seeing AI, which is based on neural networks and designed specifically for the blind and visually impaired people, according to the website of the company.

The app is currently available only to users of Apple products in the United States.

The user, using voice, you must first specify that you want to recognize: the words, person, text, or product in the store. You must then point the camera at the desired object and to information about it.

If you point the camera at the person, the application will call it the approximate age and features of the appearance (for example, if he wears glasses), and also describe the look on his face. The user can take a picture of your friend, then its image will be saved in the database and the next time Seeing AI just call him by his name.

Microsoft have built in-app barcode recognition. This will give you the name of the product in the store and get a brief description. The Verge notes that the recognition of the notes is especially important in the USA where all the dollars are the same size and color regardless of denomination.

Seeing the AI tells the user where to move the camera to the desired object or inscription entirely in the shot.

Microsoft has released a mobile app for the blind 13.07.2017

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