MIA showed recognition of the killer, who killed a prison officer in Rivne

The Ministry of internal Affairs released a video with the confession of a suspect in the murder of the employee of the Rivne SIZO Ivan Mamchur.

«Was the gun brought from Moscow. The gun had to be used with those cartridges that were in it. They are of different sorts. (Gun). Pneumatics, or altered, but very cool. I was standing on the sixth floor. He came out, saw me, and twitched in my direction. I clicked and fired. He said, «It’s not me, I’m not.» And fell with the change of the geometry of the fall. Arrived in Moscow, reported on the execution of the task. The confirmation was there – «a flower plucked, rose thwarted.» Confirmation in the media and all that,» he said.

The killer said that he collaborated with the Russian FSB.

Recall, 16 September, 2016 in the hallway of a residential building in the city Rivne of a firearm was killed Mamchur Ivan Leonidovich, who worked in a local remand prison by the major of internal service. The killer was detained November 17, 2016, when he tried to move to Russia from the territory of Kharkiv region.

23 January 2017 Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, adviser to the interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko said that the killer Mamchur was hired by the Russian diversionary-terrorist center, whose tasks include the organisation of crime on the territory of Ukraine. In addition, Gerashchenko said that, according to investigators, the attack on him and the murder of a famous journalist Pavel Sheremet sold by one diversionno-terrorist center in Russia.

MIA showed recognition of the killer, who killed a prison officer in Rivne 25.01.2017

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