Merkel spoke about the threat of the Schengen area

If the EU will not be able to reliably protect its external borders, it will pose a threat to the continued existence of the Schengen area. This was announced on Saturday, February 6, German Chancellor Angela Merkel in her weekly video message, according to DW.

«Maritime borders are not very well defend — declared Merkel. — So I shall endeavour to find a common solution with Turkey».

According to the Chancellor, what is important here is financial assistance for Turkey from the EU of 3 billion euros for the placement and education of refugees.

If the border security is not provided, then, said Merkel, «free movement in the internal market, which also is the basis of our prosperity, will be threatened». In this case, all the member countries of the EU unanimously stressed the Chancellor.

Recall, February 4, at the first evening of the traditional street carnival, the Cologne police reported 22 cases of sexual harassment of local residents by migrants from Arab countries in North Africa and the Middle East, which occurred in the city. According to police, the number of attacks on the first night of the carnival was higher than at last year’s event.

Merkel spoke about the threat of the Schengen area 07.02.2016

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