Merkel said about the readiness to go for another term

Angela Merkel made the decision to be a candidate for the post of Chancellor from the Christian democratic Union in 2017 in the election to the Bundestag.

It was announced his party members at the CDU Congress, Sunday, November 20, delegates told reporters, according to «UKRINFORM».

To come up with a statement to the press personally the head of the government promises in the evening.

Angela Merkel head of the CDU since April 2000, since November 2005 he has been the Chancery office, becoming the first German woman to head the government. If it was supported in the fall of 2017, she has a chance to head the government longer than the previous Chancellor Konrad Adenauer.

It should be noted that 55% of Germans want to see her Chancellor again for the fourth time. This is indicated by the results of a recent poll conducted by the Institute Emnid. However, 39% of respondents do not support her candidacy. In his own party, the CDU, its head has a very high support – 92%. Characteristically, Merkel speaking and 54% of those who will vote in the parliamentary elections for the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD), which is currently a partner in a Grand coalition (CDU/CSU and SPD is in the current Bundestag, nearly 80% of the seats).

After falling ratings, Merkel amid immigration crisis, they began to rise again in recent years. It is considered almost the only European politician able to consolidate Europe, not only in Germany but also abroad. This is especially true after the change of government in the United States and Brexit.

FORBES magazine this summer (for the second time in a row) has named Merkel the most powerful woman in the world.

Merkel said about the readiness to go for another term 20.11.2016

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