Merkel believes the crisis migration his biggest test as Chancellor

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, often criticised for approach to the problem of migration continues to believe correctly taken so far measures to address the migration crisis. She stated this on Sunday evening, February 28, on air of TV channel ARD.

Answering a leading question, not whether to change course in this field, Merkel replied: «No. Because I am deeply convinced that the path that we set foot, is right». The Chancellor also stated that she doesn’t have any «plan «B» on coping with the migration crisis. «I don’t have one. We are doing better than many people think,» said the Prime Minister, words which leads TASS.

«To date, the migration crisis is the biggest challenge during my tenure. But while I was Chancellor, I solve the problems encountered by the country. The best way in this case — also protect the peace and interests of Germany» — quoted by RIA «Novosti» the words of Merkel.

The Chancellor stated that it considers its direct responsibility, the search for common European course in light of the immigration crisis is «a very important phase of» the history of Germany and the EU. «My bounden duty and obligation consist in the fact that Europe found a common path,» said Merkel on the TV channel ARD.

Merkel criticized attacks on shelters for refugees and recent performances against migrants in Saxony, calling the incidents «abhorrent and horrific». «Human dignity is inviolable», — she said, explaining that this also applies to citizens of Germany, and arrived in Germany migrants. Such incidents, according to Merkel, «nothing can justify».

Angela Merkel said that those who are concerned about the influx of refugees can Express their opinion through peaceful demonstrations. However, she acknowledged that in recent years, «increased polarization» of the German society, «we are hard discussions». «This is important, we should not stop to listen to the arguments and answer them,» she said.

«To solve need time. I understand that many people are impatient. Yes, it’s a hard road. This is a very important phase in our history.» However, she noted that «the problems need to be solved so that we maintain our values», — said the head of the government, criticizing the view that «unilateral closure of the border will solve the problem».

Earlier, Merkel rejected the idea of establishing the upper bound of the number of refugees at the request of the Christian social Union. According to her, the need to overcome the reasons why refugees are forced to seek refuge abroad and were reminded of the need to find a common European solution.

She also criticized the decision of the government of neighboring Austria, where the ruling parties have agreed to establish the upper limit of the number of asylum seekers 37 500 people by 2016.

In Germany over the past year, arrived more than a million job seekers refugee status. According to the International organization for migration, in 2016 is expected to arrive in Germany about half a million refugees.

The German government has promised to allocate in 2016 670 euros per month per refugee, from the moment of its registration. The government believes that this year will be served about 800 thousand applications on granting refugee status, and their consideration is just over five months. Only in 2016, the regions will be given about four billion euros, and this is two billion euros, more than double previous estimates.

Merkel believes the crisis migration his biggest test as Chancellor 29.02.2016

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