Mei: to interact with it from a position of strength

The visiting Prime Minister Theresa may called on the us administration to improve relations with Russia , Vladimir Putin, but still wary of her, reports the BBC. With Moscow it is possible to interact from a position of strength and the principle of «trust but verify», said Mae in a meeting of the leadership of the Republican party in Philadelphia.

According to the head of the British government, in the approach to relations with Russia «should refer to example (40th U.S. President) Ronald Reagan, who during negotiations with the (first Soviet President) Mikhail Gorbachev adhered to the principle: «trust, but verify», reports TASS.

«In terms of the conflict between Russia and the West there is nothing imminent. And there is no inevitability to the prospect of a return to the days of the cold war. However, we need to engage with Russia from a position of strength, — continued the Prime Minister. We need to build relationships, systems and processes so that the possibility of cooperation prevailed over the threat of conflict.»

However, she urged to give guarantees that countries-Russia’s neighbors will be safe: «In particular, after the illegal annexation of Crimea (should) guarantee Russia’s neighboring countries that their security is not questioned».

The British Prime Minister also noted that «countries with little tradition of democracy, freedom and human rights, have become more aggressive in world Affairs». Among these countries, she pointed out Russia and China, reports «Interfax».

The Prime Minister accused the Russian leadership that it «announced the inclusion of Eastern Europe into a zone of its interests». Mei in this regard, urged not to agree to such a question and «not to undermine thus the freedom brought about by Ronald Reagan and (the 71st Prime Minister of Britain) Margaret Thatcher».

May talks with the new US President Donald trump will be held at the White house on January 27. In an interview with the BBC, the head of the British Cabinet was informed that this meeting will also discuss the situation in NATO and response to global challenges, including the fight against terrorism and the conflict in Syria. The main theme of bilateral relations will be the conclusion of a trade agreement leaving the EU, Britain and the United States.

Earlier, the leaders of the EU and the US agreed to lift sanctions against Russia.

Mei: to interact with it from a position of strength 27.01.2017

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