Mei said the intention is «long» to stay as Prime Minister of great Britain

The Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may in comments to Sky News stated its intention to participate in elections in 2022 as leader of the Conservative party.

The politician also said that it intends to remain as Prime Minister of great Britain during the «long period» because the country has «a long-term problem.» According to her, the government should provide «proper» conduct of the Brexit and make the country’s exit from the EU a good deal for the British people.

A referendum on British exit from the EU was held on 23 June 2016. According to the results, 51.9% of Britons voted for the country’s withdrawal from the community of 48.1% – wanted to remain in the EU.

The official procedure of withdrawal of Britain from the EU was launched on 29 March 2017 and will take about two years.

19 June in Brussels began negotiations for a Brexit. Representatives from the UK and the European Union have agreed on a schedule for further meetings.

The head of the British Conservative party may was appointed Prime Minister on 13 July 2016. The official appointment took place during her audience with Queen Elizabeth II. Before that, the monarch accepted the resignation of the former head of the government of David Cameron.

Mei said the intention is «long» to stay as Prime Minister of great Britain 31.08.2017

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