Mei fired his assistant, whose computer found pornography

The head of the Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may, Damien green dismissed after scandal with the discovery of pornographic images in his work computer, according to Bloomberg.

May said the green’s resignation in a personal letter on December 20.

In the result of an internal investigation, the British government came to the conclusion that green had given the police a false statement about the appearance of pornography on the computer in his office. This case occurred prior to his appointment to the post of assistant Prime Minister.

In October, journalist Kate Maltby accused Greene of misconduct. According to her, during a meeting at the bar in 2015 he put a hand on her knee.

The government Committee stated that sufficient grounds to confirm the charges Maltby no, although they «most likely». At the same time, the lie of the green relative to the pornographic photos is a violation of the code official, according to the Commission.

61-year-old green, a longtime friend of Mei, with whom they studied together at Oxford.

According to Bloomberg, the withdrawal of the green will be a serious blow to the Prime Minister, as this person was doing a lot of work in her office.

On 1 November, British defence Secretary Michael Fallon has resigned after allegations of sexual harassment.

Mei fired his assistant, whose computer found pornography 21.12.2017

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