Meetings and negotiations Poroshenko in Davos are very productive, — Eliseev

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in the framework of participation in the 47th meeting of the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland pursues a very rich and productive meetings and negotiations with the leaders of States and heads of international organizations. As the press service of the head of state, this was stated by Deputy head of the presidential Administration of Ukraine Konstantin Eliseev.

The non-participation of Poroshenko and a number of Ukrainian politicians at Breakfast Pinchuk is «shot from a gun on sparrows» — Advisor to Vice-President of the EP

While chatting with reporters, he recalled that the Ukrainian delegation first met with the newly elected UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres.

«We have received from the UN Secretary General a clear assurance that he will firmly defend the basic principles of the UN Charter. In particular, the support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of independent States. What we unfortunately missed,» — said the Deputy head of the presidential administration.

He noted that the President informed Guterres, on the situation with the implementation of the Minsk agreements and called for the implementation of the resolution of the UN General Assembly about human rights violations in the Crimea.

«The UN will continue to closely monitor the situation with the violation of human rights», — said Elisha.

In addition, the President informed the UN Secretary General that Ukraine recently passed claims to the international court of justice against Russia.

UN Secretary-General also welcomed Ukraine’s chairmanship in the UN security Council in February. During the meeting the sides agreed on further contacts.

According to the Deputy head of the presidential administration, during the meeting Poroshenko with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark Rutte , the key attention was directed to the issues of speeding up the ratification by the Dutch Parliament of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. The Chairman of the Government of the Netherlands has assured that the process is as expected because the compromises achieved at the end of last year, creating good conditions for ratification.

Rutte also said that the Netherlands supports the acceleration of visa-free regime for Ukrainians.

When asked about the President’s refusal to attend the Breakfast, which was organized by Ukrainian businessman Viktor Pinchuk in Davos, the Deputy Head of the presidential administration noted: «the President has clearly stated his position that he is not going to go to this Breakfast. Unfortunately, in connection with this article (the recent publication by Pinchuk in the media. — Ed.) the forum, which has always been a neutral platform for the discussion of issues is not so».

Eliseev, said: «Ukraine has never traded and will not trade their own territories. We would like to this question was no longer a subject of any discussions.»

Deputy head of the presidential administration said that Ukraine is now conducting intense negotiations in the context of the Minsk process and the de-occupation of Crimea, including linkages with new US Administration.

«This type of article and innuendo, unfortunately, does not create a positive background for negotiations to end the aggression and restore our sovereignty and territorial integrity», — said Elisha.

The non-participation of Poroshenko and a number of Ukrainian politicians at Breakfast Pinchuk is «shot from a gun on sparrows» — Advisor to Vice-President of the EP

«Conspicuous absence of Petro Poroshenko, Vice Prime Minister for European integration and a number of other politicians in the Ukrainian Breakfast, which is traditionally organized by oligarch Viktor Pinchuk in Davos, in parallel with the meetings of the world economic forum is such a «shot from a gun on sparrows»». It is a political adviser to the Vice-President of the European Parliament John Mircea Pasha Yaroslav Mendus said in comments to.NO.

Informed civil society in Ukraine with indignation has reacted to the thoughts of Victor Pinchuk to stop Russian aggression in the Donbas through political concessions to Putin and de-facto recognition of Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

«Well, after the collapse of the regime of Yanukovych, the current government is afraid to ignore public opinion on such sensitive issues. But in this case we are not talking about Pinchuk, and the possibility of on advertised international platform to declare that Ukraine will not agree to the role of passive object in the policy and will defend its subjectivity all the forces that the Ukrainian authorities in the new reality will not be able to negotiate behind the scenes contrary to the national interests, without the threat to be sent immediately into oblivion that the article of the Ukrainian oligarch in the WSJ is playing up Pro-Russian-oriented part of the world of politics, but actually condoning Putin in his fyurersky plans to turn the wheel of history. Although we cannot exclude other motivation for this move… Ukrainian proverb says: «the Raven crow does not eat dog,» and the oligarch — oligarch?! «- said Mendus.

Earlier, the Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk wrote in The Wall Street Journal that Ukraine should accept the situation in the Donbass for what it is, and to hold local elections. In addition, in his opinion, Ukraine should abandon the EU and NATO. He later clarified his position.

Meetings and negotiations Poroshenko in Davos are very productive, — Eliseev 20.01.2017

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