Medvedev ‘written off’ in Afghanistan thousands of machines and millions of ammunition

The Russian government Dmitry Medvedev has made to the colleagues from Afghanistan «gift» in the form of 10 thousand rifles and ammo.

About it on February 24, 2016, according to Reuters.

«On Wednesday the Afghan government has made 10,000 rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition as a gift from Russia», — says the publication.

«This gift symbolizes the deep friendship between the two Nations. This is an important gift from an important friend of Afghanistan at this time, which is crucial for Afghanistan and for the region», — said the national security adviser of Afghanistan , Hanif Atmar.

Atmar also added that the arms were granted in the framework of the agreement on security between the two countries.

According to experts, it is about legacy weapons.

As previously reported, since February 10 this year, the official Yerevan (Armenia) will receive the funds envisaged by the state export loan from Russia in the amount of up to 200 million US dollars to Finance the supply of military products produced in Russia. From the Moscow side the agreement was also signed by Medvedev.

However, we are talking, again, about legacy on the world arms market launchers of jet systems of volley fire «Tornado» and ammunition, anti-aircraft missile complexes «Igla-S», surface complexes of electronic intelligence Executive «Avtobaza-M», heavy flamethrower systems TOS-1A m transport-charging machines, managed 9М113М missiles, RPG-26, Dragunov sniper rifles, armored cars «Tiger», engineering tools and modes of communication.

Medvedev ‘written off’ in Afghanistan thousands of machines and millions of ammunition 25.02.2016

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