Medvedev says about the beginning of the cold war between Russia and the West, and Ukraine believes the stumbling block

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev believes that Russia and the Western countries have already entered the period of «new cold war».

Medvedev: Ukraine’s problem is the stone on which we stumble

He said this during his speech at the Munich conference on security, reports «European true».

Medvedev recalled the historical «Munich speech» of Vladimir Putin in 2007, when he warned about the worsening of relations between Russia and the West. According to Medvedev, the assumptions of the Russian Federation nine-year-old confirmed.

«Remains unfriendly and closed political line of NATO against Russia. Can be said sharply: we came down during the new cold war», — said the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

He also outraged by the fact that in Western countries «make films about the nuclear threat of Russia», and also said that in Ukraine «civil war».

«Sometimes the question arises – are we in 2016 live, or in 1962?» — Medvedev addressed to the audience.

Medvedev: Ukraine’s problem is the stone on which we stumble

In the debate during konfereniyi on security in Munich, Medvedev, referring to the military conflict in Ukraine noted that the government is now in «crisis». In Ukraine — the civil war, he said.

«Ukraine’s problem is the rock on which we all stumble,» said he.

The head of the Russian government remembered the sanctions against Russia from the EU and the US, which has shaken the position of the Russian Federation.

«We see no other choice but to peacefully resolving the conflict in Ukraine. The Minsk agreements must be implemented by all without exception», he said.

However, he said that «we will fulfill our obligations, but not all do the same: we don’t have any progress on the weapon continues to be sold».

«Ukraine is firing on its East,» blamed Medvedev.

Medvedev also demanded amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, despite continuing attacks in the Donbas, UNIAN reports.

«Undoubtedly, the Minsk agreements must be respected by all parties. But, in the first place, their implementation depends, in our opinion, the Kiev authorities. Why? Not because we’re trying to move somewhere the arrow, but because this period has come. Despite progress on several fronts for the withdrawal of heavy weapons, the OSCE mission and other issues, the situation remains fragile. What most concerns us – first, in the South-East of Ukraine and it isn’t set to silence,» — said Medvedev.

«On the line of contact occur regularly attacks. This should not be. And in this sense we must set the right signals to all parties,» he said.

According to Medvedev, in addition, have still not adopted the amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, although it «had to be done before the end of last year, not to fulfill the law on the special status of Donbass».

Medvedev outraged that instead of harmonizing with the Kremlin-controlled militants of the decentralization process, adopted the so-called transitional provisions that are not envisaged by the Minsk agreements.

«The Kiev authorities continue to insist that the local elections should be organized on the basis of a new Ukrainian law. In addition, the Ukrainian side, unfortunately, has not fulfilled its obligations under a broad Amnesty, which should be extended to those who participated in the events of 2014-2015. Without Amnesty these people will not be able to participate in the elections, thus making their results questionable, but it is unlikely to appeal to the OSCE,» Medvedev said.

He said that the Minsk agreements should be fully implemented.

«This is the Russian position. We are reasonable people and willing to hear different ideas, including a compromise», — said Medvedev.

We will remind, 52-th Munich security conference started on 12 February in Germany and will last until Sunday, February 14.

Medvedev says about the beginning of the cold war between Russia and the West, and Ukraine believes the stumbling block 13.02.2016

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