Medvedev said that Ukraine’s initiative «Borg Yanukovych» passed through Germany, is unacceptable

Russia wants from Ukraine in recognition of the official status of the debt at $ 3 billion to the Russian Federation have not submitted to the court.

This was stated by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in an interview to Russian media ahead of the trip to the Munich security conference, reports «Interfax».

In the near future Russia will send to Ukraine in the international court of justice, declared the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov. While the action is filed, the parties continue contacts, but not directly, but through the Ministry of Finance of Germany.

Earlier this week the Russian Finance Ministry announced that it has received through the German Ministry of Finance a proposal to restructure, but never seriously considered, because his conditions are worse than those who received trade creditors of Ukraine. This proposal does not recognize the official status of the debt and therefore cannot be considered as an attempt to begin to negotiate in good faith (good faith negotiations, guide them dictate the rules of the International monetary Fund — ed.) with the lender, argues the Russian Finance Ministry.

Evaluation of proposal as unacceptable was said by Medvedev.

«The proposals that we received recently from the Ukraine via Germany, is absolutely unacceptable. First, we cannot negotiate because you have not recognized the official status of the debt, and secondly, proposed by Kiev of conditions worse than those of commercial lenders. Who will operate at a loss? While we are grateful to the German partners for their initiative, which demonstrates the seriousness of our arguments in this issue,» Medvedev said.

«From a legal point of view Ukraine is in default, which means that Russia is seeking the return of overdue debts in court. All necessary documents are being prepared, is formed the corresponding claim, and our chances of winning in court are very high. But I still hope that the Ukrainian authorities address the issue of the debt out of court. While this, unfortunately, is not happening,» he said.

At the Munich security conference also will be attended by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. However, meetings on the issue of debt is not planned, said Medvedev.

In turn, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine said that he had not received from Germany, no new proposals for settlement of the debt for Eurobonds of the Russian Federation.

This was announced by the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Natalia Jaresko told reporters after a press conference in Kyiv on Friday, February 12.

«From Germany any offers to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine is not received,» she said.

We will remind, on January 22, Russia and Ukraine held an informal exchange of views about possible start of negotiations on the settlement of the Ukrainian debt with the mediation of the Ministry of Finance of Germany, but failed to agree owing to the unwillingness of Ukraine to recognize the official status of the debt.

Previously Jaresko said that Germany is providing assistance to Ukraine in the organization of negotiations with Russia on debt restructuring and Kiev is counting on the continuation of such support to achieve a positive result.

Debt on Eurobonds for $ 3 billion Russia bought in late 2013 that had to be repaid in December 2015.

Ukraine imposed a moratorium on the servicing of this debt, in response, Russia has announced its intention to sue in an English court. Russia has already started the procedure.

Medvedev said that Ukraine’s initiative «Borg Yanukovych» passed through Germany, is unacceptable 12.02.2016

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