Medvedev refused to travel to the regions because of the movie «He’s not Dimon» media

The leader of «United Russia», Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev travels to the regions, where in September will be held gubernatorial elections, due to low ratings that are associated with the film opposition leader Alexei Navalny «He’s not Dimon.» About this newspaper «Vedomosti», citing sources close to the Kremlin.

According to their data, after the publication of the investigation, «Medvedev cannot share the rating with acting governors and, on the contrary, is toxic to them».

Officially, the campaign started in June, however, Russian President Vladimir Putin began to travel to the regions in the spring, and before election day intends to visit all 16 of the subjects in which these elections will take place, the newspaper notes.

«Vedomosti», citing data from the government website noted that Medvedev was not in any of these regions, and of the six subjects, which will have to elect the Parliament, visited only the Northern Ossetia.

Also he was going to visit the forum «United Russia» in Yaroslavl, but did not come that explained his tight schedule.

In the investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption it is alleged that the Russian Prime Minister and his entourage created a criminal scheme based on charitable funds managed by friends, classmates and confidants of the Prime Minister.

March 26 in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities held demonstrations demanding the resignation of Medvedev.

In April, according to the survey «Levada-center», the level of distrust of the Russians to Medvedev was the highest in 11 years.

Medvedev refused to travel to the regions because of the movie «He’s not Dimon» media 13.07.2017

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