Medvedchuk: the Search for my involvement in Savchenko, Ruban and their business is a complete and utter any statement on this subject – political order

The leader of the movement «Ukrainian choice» Viktor Medvedchuk said in an interview to «BBC Ukraine», published on 30 March that Prosecutor-General Yuriy Lutsenko were not allowed to make any public statements about his involvement in preparing a terrorist attack non-faction people’s Deputy Hope Savchenko and head of the «Officer corps» Vladimir Ruban.

According to Medvedchuk, «the attorney General has no right to make such public statements that are politically motivated.» He added that studying the possibility to apply for Lutsenko lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity.

The leader of «Ukrainian choice» also said that he had «no contact whatsoever never was» Savchenko, although he addressed the issue of her release from a Russian prison.

While Medvedchuk said that Ruban 2013 «really was related to certain events of «the Ukrainian choice», but then he didn’t know how and didn’t know the Ruban.

Medvedchuk added that during the beginning of the conflict in the Donbas, he found that «there is a man who is also involved in exchanges, and he somehow has any claim to me.»

According to the leader of «Ukrainian choice», Ruban believed that, given the relationship of Medvedchuk and Russian President Vladimir Putin, he «would be very simple to solve all questions without any negotiations,» but it «was a primitive assessment of the serious problem.»

Medvedchuk said that some time paid no attention to the claims Ruban, although the «growing criticism» and in some point «came to insults and accusations» against him.

According to the leader of «the Ukrainian choice» in 2016 Ruban finally turned to him on matters of exchange: «he allegedly had the consent of the representatives of the occupied territories of Donetsk on a certain exchange, and such willingness had to be organized here.»

He added that representatives of the security Service of Ukraine asked him to take Ruban and he did it, but «then it turned out that no agreement was not there and this exchange did not take place». According to Medvedchuk, the more he was supported by Ruban no contact.

The politician said that the search for his «involvement in Savchenko, Ruban and their business he considers «absurd», and any statements on the subject – «it is a political order, political insinuations, no more.»

While Medvedchuk did not rule out his arrest and detention in this case.

On the question of whether he will participate in the release Savchenko from Ukrainian prisons, if you include it in the lists on the exchange, the militants «DNR», the politician replied in the affirmative. According to him, he will do it, «in spite of the person», if such a task will be represented by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

March 26, Lutsenko said that the movement «Ukrainian choice», which is headed by the godfather of Russian President Vladimir Putin Viktor Medvedchuk, might be involved in the organization of a number of diversions. The attorney General called «the Ukrainian choice» centre of anti-Ukrainian propaganda and noted that two weeks before the arrest of Ruban. the Prosecutor’s office is «eliminated some cells that Moscow organized subversive activities on the territory of Ukraine».

Ruban was detained March 8, 2018. Savchenko – March 22.

Lutsenko noted that the MP and the head of «Officer corps» had conspired to seize state power in Ukraine. For this purpose, they allegedly agreed to supply weapons to the leader of fighters «DNR» Alexander Zakharchenko.

On March 22 the Verkhovna Rada has deprived Savchenko immunity and gave permission for her detention and arrest. On March 23 the court arrested the Deputy until may 20, without bail. On the same day of her hunger strike. Savchenko also suspect of preparing a terrorist act and preparation for the attempt on the life of public figures.

Medvedchuk: the Search for my involvement in Savchenko, Ruban and their business is a complete and utter any statement on this subject – political order 30.03.2018

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