Media: Zakharchenko has hired bodyguards 1200

The leader of the terrorist organization «DNR» Alexander Zakharchenko will intensify measures to ensure their own safety and protection. About it report sources of «UKRINFORM» in the occupied part of Donbass.

In particular, sources have reported that the creation of additional divisions of fighters that will be personal guard of the leader of the Donetsk separatists. Zakharchenko has signed the decree about creation of the personal guard regiment composed of military units — in/hour 08830 (headquarters), in/h 08831 (combat unit) and/h 08832. According to the interlocutor, the last part is the name of the battalion «Patriot», directs them to the battalion commander Alexey Klochkov with the Callsign «Chekist». It is known that the state of the battalion «Patriot» will be 860 militants. The total number of newly created divisions — 1,200 people.

Also carried out arrangements for the actual submission to the «security Officer» security agencies «DNR» — MGB, MVD and GRU. «The security officer» has full authority to require every assistance and full cooperation by such law enforcement agencies, the source said.

Observers have reported that units created for the purpose of defence against uncontrolled militants and Russian groups.

Earlier it was reported that near Donetsk and in the city «the Ministry of state security» «DND» holds «filtration activities».

January 27 in the center of Donetsk, unknown assailants tried to blow up the monument to Lenin.

Media: Zakharchenko has hired bodyguards 1200 10.02.2016

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