Media: US sanctions may block the import of smartphones and tablets

The sanctions imposed in December last year, the United States against the Russian Federal security service (FSB), can block imports of electronics with encryption feature.

About it writes RBC referring to the statement by the law firm Baker McKenzie.

According to the statement, they have already warned their customers about possible problems. «Because of the FSB performs certain administrative functions such as review and approval of commercial encryption products for import and distribution in Russia, the effect for certain us companies and individuals doing business in Russia can be significant,» — said in a statement.

Thus, jeopardized exports to Russia of mobile phones, tablets, and even wireless mice.

To export such products to Russia need approval (notification) of the FSB. Now, however, this is impossible, since American companies are prohibited from any commercial interaction with the FSB.

We will remind, sanctions against FSB was introduced in December last year in response to Russian hacker attacks on the United States.

Among the companies against which the sanctions, there are seven subsidiaries of the Russian concern «Almaz-Antey», the eight subsidiary companies of the concern «radio-Electronic technology», the company «Crimean ports» and «Crimean railway».

Media: US sanctions may block the import of smartphones and tablets 24.01.2017

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