Media: Ukrainian delegation TKG flies to Minsk private jet

The film crew of the program «Schemes» found that the Ukrainian delegation TKG flies between Kyiv and Minsk charters but not public, and private. This is stated in the edition of the program «Schemes».

It turned out that the Ukrainian delegation in the Trilateral contact group to travel to Minsk, use private planes, including the plane, which constantly uses the Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk.

So, journalists note that after the meeting of the Trilateral contact group on settling the situation in Donbas, 26 August 2016, members of the Ukrainian delegation arrived in Kiev by plane Bombardier Global Express 6000 with the Austrian registration and tail number OE-IDO.

After landing in the VIP terminal, the journalists noticed the first Vice-speaker of the Parliament and empowered the President for a peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions Irina Gerashchenko, adviser to the Chairman of the SBU Yury Tandit, representatives of the Ukrainian side in the tripartite group Leonid Kuchma and Yevhen Marchuk, as well as the OSCE representative in Minsk contact group Martin Sajdik.

As it turned out, this Bombardier tail number OE-IDO is based at the airport «Kiev» and is constantly used by Victor Pinchuk. «Scheme» is repeatedly observed in the preparation of the previous material on private jets of people’s deputies.

This plane last fall Pinchuk with his wife was returning from London.

On the same plane Pinchuk came back from France in the winter after the holidays.

And Pinchuk arrived in Kyiv after the economic forum in Davos.

«Scheme» has sent a request Viktor Pinchuk asking, did tycoon this plane for flights of the Ukrainian side in negotiations of the Trilateral contact group in Minsk, and on what terms. But responses at the time of publication was not followed.

At the same time, «Schemes» to see that the Ukrainian delegation is not only this plane. For example, after the TAG meeting in Minsk on 24 December 2016, they returned to Kiev on the Bombardier Challenger 300, tail number OE-HDI, which also has Austrian registration.

According to the register of aircraft of Austria, the aircraft serviced by the company Lauda Motion.

However, on the company website no Board in the list of aircraft that are free for rent.

During the stay at the VIP terminal of the airport «Kyiv» TV crew have repeatedly witnessed the return of the charters of the official Minsk representatives of Ukraine at the Minsk talks. 4 Aug from Minsk arrived G200 Gulfstream with tail number OE-HSN and the Austrian register.

16 January 2017 after the completion of this year’s first meeting of the Trilateral contact group, the delegation was returning by plane with the Austrian registration and tail number OE-HSN.

«Scheme» called one of the Ukrainian companies to find out how much it costs to rent a Charter «Kiev — Minsk — Kiev».

«Six passenger seats the cost of the flight to Minsk in the course of the day, if there will not be overnight, in the morning there and evening back, 7800 euros,» — noted there. The reporters asked how much the use of the VIP-terminal airport «Kiev».

«VIP-terminal of «Zhulyany» costs $ 200 per passenger per flight and $ 200 per passenger per arrival. Departures-arrivals — $ 400,» explained the rates of the company.

The journalists appealed to all defendants in this material with the question of who pays for Charter flights. However, not all responded.

Advisor to the Chairman of the SBU Yuriy tandit acknowledged that sometimes a group uses the Charter.

«We really are moving to Minsk, including on airplanes. Whose planes, I don’t know. When we fly, if we fly by plane to Minsk, we are going in a certain coordinator. For example, in the terminal At a certain airport at a certain time. Board the plane and fly the plane and work,» he said.

Irina Gerashchenko, while traveling abroad, agreed to answer journalists ‘ questions in Facebook.

«State charters are not funded. I responsibly declare to you. As they are used by those who use them, is not at the expense of the state,» she said.

The press service of Leonid Kuchma was advised to go to the presidential Administration.

«All the work of the Ukrainian side in the Tripartite contact group, please contact the administration of the President of Ukraine», — said Kuchma.

«Scheme» has addressed in administration of the President of Ukraine with the question of whether flights will be reimbursed from the state budget. However, they said that the AP is the administrator of such information.

During the year, there were 28 publicly announced meetings of the Trilateral contact group in Minsk. Open questions remain: why is the Ukrainian government does not provide representatives to such important negotiations the aircraft from the state aircraft fleet, why the Ukrainian delegation flies back by private Charter and is not affected by whether the oligarchs on the results of the negotiations, if they pay?

Media: Ukrainian delegation TKG flies to Minsk private jet 27.01.2017

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