Media: Turchynov family acquired a luxury home near Kiev in 2016

The family of the Secretary of national security and defense Alexander Turchinov in 2016, has acquired a luxury estate near Kiev.

This is stated in the story «Investigation info».

Reporters found the estate in the village of bilohorodka of the Kyiv region with an area of over 1 thousand square meters, with a surrounding area of about half a hectare, Valet and security.

The estate and the land is framed by established in August 2016, the firm «Cotelcam», the owner of which is a mother-in-law of Secretary of the NSDC Tamara Belibov.

In the neighborhood there is a house, written by 23-year-old son Oleksandr Turchynov — Cyril. The guy got the house as a gift in early 2016. He gave my grandmother — Valentin Turchinov, the mother of Secretary of the NSDC.

The property of mother in law and son in the Declaration of Alexander Turchinov is not reflected, since they live separately.

Luxury house Tiffany Turchynov explains her business qualities.

«A unique woman. She is very proud that more than 20 years working on a powerful missile company. But when perestroika came. It neolani character… It went to a practical economy. Engaged in trading of metal. She went to the showdown with the Chechens», — told Oleksandr Turchynov.

In their Declaration Turchynov said only the apartment 382 sq. m., which is in common ownership with his wife.

The NSDC Secretary said that before entering politics was also involved in the business.

«I consider myself a decent expert in practical Economics, in financial consulting. There were several companies I’ve managed, who have advised a very respected people,» — said Turchinov.

However, journalists say that business success Tiffany Turchynov coincide with periods of his own success in politics.

After the Orange revolution, relatives and partners Turchynov acquired an office center in Kiev at turovska street, 13-15. Then here Rozitis the office of the party «BYT-Fatherland».

After the revolution of dignity of the firm of Tiffany Turchynov, in addition to estates in Belogorodka, acquired a number of real estate objects in Kiev. We are talking about putting in 6 thousand sq. m. on Avenue the Queen, 1 and three units of 200 kV each on the street. Center, 32-V. in 2014, the Turchynov-in-law opened a restaurant together with businessman Igor Tynna.

Earlier media reports showed undeclared Villa of the President of Petro Poroshenko in Spain. The area of the building is 1254 square meters, decorated it in a Mediterranean architectural style, with swimming pool. The financial statements of the company President indicated that the property is valued at € 4 million. Today it is nearly 120 000 000 hryvnias. Neighbors Poroshenko in Spain became the people’s Deputy Igor Kononenko and subsecretary of the national security Council Oleg Gladkovsky.

Media: Turchynov family acquired a luxury home near Kiev in 2016 12.01.2017

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