Media: trump Tymoshenko has promised not to lift sanctions against Russia

US President , Donald trump declared to the leader of the «Batkivschyna» Yulia Tymoshenkothat the United States will not lift sanctions against Russia and will continue to monitor the conflict in Ukraine.

About it newspaper the Washington Post reported, citing representatives of the team of Tymoshenko, who was in Washington to attend the National prayer Breakfast.

According to media reports, the White house issued a statement which confirmed that a short conversation between trump and Tymoshenko before the prayer Breakfast during a photo shoot on Thursday, February 2, took place.

It is noted that «no formal guarantees (on sanctions) was not given,» and the United States remains concerned about violence in Eastern Ukraine.

The publication also refers to the Deputy head of «Batkivschyna» Gregory Nemyria, who was also in Washington and confirmed that the conversation took place, but that it said trump, not reported.

«Tymoshenko did not give any further comment out of respect for the private nature of the conversation with trump,» said he.

In a press-service of the leader of «Batkivshchyna» at the moment, declined to comment.

In turn, Jeff Birnbaum, President of BGR Public Relations, which represents the Ukrainian national Rada of the reforms, said: «As a participant in the prayer Breakfast, Tymoshenko probably expecting the President of the trump in the hallway next to the restroom, hoping to catch him for a handshake».

«There was no meeting. The President shook hands with many and one of them was probably Tymoshenko,» said Birnbaum, writes Рolitico.

In the United States to participate in the annual prayer Breakfast with Donald trump went MPs, among them Yulia Tymoshenko, Yulia liovochkina, Pavel Unguryan, Georgy Logvynsky, Valery Karpuntsov , and Oksana Bilozir, and also the head of SAP Nazar Golodnitsky.

Prayer Breakfast with the President of the United States held annually, the event is closed at the moment, participation in it can be taken by invitation of the administration or on a paid basis.

As you know, on February 4 in the charts of presidents of the United States and Ukraine scheduled phone conversation to be held at 16:45 (23:45 local time).

Media: trump Tymoshenko has promised not to lift sanctions against Russia 04.02.2017

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