Media: the US struck the Islamic state in Libya, dozens of victims

Military aircraft on the morning of February 19, struck at the town of sabratha in West Libya. The attack killed dozens of people. According to a source The New York Times, the attack made by the U.S. military. The newspaper reported that the purpose of the attack was the base of the «Islamic state». According to the NYT, killed at least 30 militants. Reuters reported 41 killed and six wounded, reports

In late January the Financial Times reported that the U.S. military was preparing a military operation in Libya for several months. According to the newspaper, experts from the USA visited Libya in order to establish contacts with the local paramilitary groups and their leaders on the eve of possible start of the military campaign in this country against the militants of the «Islamic state».

Pentagon press Secretary Peter Cooke told reporters the FT that Washington was considering military options in Libya in case of strengthening of terrorist threat coming from ISIS. The reason for more active discussion of such developments were the actions of militants IG in recent weeks — the Islamists that control long section of the coast around Sirte, attempted to seize the oil facilities of Libya near RAS Lanuf, firing their heavy weapons.

However, an obstacle to the implementation of these plans can be expressed by Western officials warning that foreign military intervention would impede the creation of a national unity government in Libya, said in the FT material.

Earlier it was reported that the United States has caused in Libya as a minimum of one airstrike in November last year, the Pentagon reported that as a result was killed by one of the leaders of the IG, a native of Iraq Abu Nabil, also known as Wissam Najm Abd al-Zubaidi.

According to intelligence reports, the group ISIS in Libya has about three thousand people. The other day the newspaper Asharq al-Awsat reported the arrival with the consent of the local authorities in the country of the Russian, American and British military. It was reported that foreign experts will advise the Libyan military and security forces, who are fighting against ISIS.

Before that, in December 2015, the press found the American commandos on one of the Libyan military bases, but the Pentagon said then that it was a short visit to participate in negotiations with representatives of the Libyan national army.

A senior source in the defense Ministry of the USA told the FT that last week the Ministers of defence of the USA and European countries participating in the international coalition fighting ISIS, were informed about the situation in Libya, but stressed that concrete plans of military intervention in this country has not been discussed yet.

In Libya four years after the death of the leader of the country Muammar Gaddafi , the civil war continues, which also involved armed militants. Through the fall of 2015 in the country there was a duality: on the one hand presents elected at the General election the Parliament sitting in Tobruk in the East, and Prime Minister al-Thani and Islamist Universal acongress sitting in Tripoli.

After months of peace talks in October the conflicting parties managed to agree on candidates for positions in the national consensus government: it was headed by an architect by education , Pages Carrds. January 19, in Libya, were named members of the new government of national unity, formed in accordance with the plan, which was supported by the UN. However, on 25 January, the international community recognized the Libyan Parliament dismissed the Cabinet, formed with the participation of the United Nations.

Media: the US struck the Islamic state in Libya, dozens of victims 19.02.2016

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