Media: the prisoners began to die for lack of medicine

The Ministry of justice announced a rapid jump in the number of deaths among the prisoners. The reason for this is often a shortage of medicines, according to «Today».

The Deputy head of the Ministry of justice Denis Chernyshov said to increase the mortality rate among the prisoners and called the numbers for last year.

«The increase in deaths in prison — 37%, increase in General morbidity of prisoners by 32%, the incidence of tuberculosis is 14 times higher than the average in the country», — said Chernyshov.

Now, when the «law Savchenko» (for which early have already released more than 9 thousand people) at large are people with dangerous diseases, such as tuberculosis.

«In Berdyansk died of peritonitis as a very young man… to Jail he had a couple of years». As we told the speaker of the Zaporozhye jailers Svitlana Bakhmut, a 25 year old guy serving sentences in Berdyansk colony # 77: «He was admitted with peptic ulcer disease. After complaints were hospitalized in the civil hospital, where he died» — led Chernyshov example of Zaporizhia region.

Also, the Ministry of justice said that the local Prosecutor’s office has no doubt that medical care is delivered in an appropriate way the circumstances are being investigated.

The Ministry of justice referred to several reasons that have led to increased mortality. The first of these, called the lack of medicines and medical equipment, some medical not report the lack of medication.

«But there are nuances — for example, it was found that most of the escapes of prisoners are taking place during their transportation to hospitals. So it would be nice to ask foreign doctors, the medical equipment as humanitarian aid», — said the Deputy head of the Ministry of justice.

In addition, there are cases where detainees deliberately misleading physicians about the early symptoms of the disease.

«Silent about the disease, bringing them to acute forms, hoping that they will be released. However, thus they only destroy themselves,» says Chernyshov.

Doctors in the colonies reported that statistics released by the Ministry of justice, includes, among other things, the suicide of prisoners.

«They happen mainly for two reasons: either the fault of psychologists or of neglect of duty. But suicide is not the main reason. We do not have enough medicine. A few months ago we were preparing an appeal to the justice Ministry, which said that there is a problem with medication. But in fairness I should say that since 2012 has marginally improved the situation with medical equipment. For example, did not exist in the presence of the test strips for the detection of tuberculosis», — said the publication of one of the doctors.

The doctors reported that cases were more likely to capture, respectively, increased the number of patients.

In Ukraine for the first half of 2016, the increase in the incidence of active TB (without relapses). Such data are cited by the Ukrainian center for control socially dangerous diseases under the MoH: in absolute terms in the first half of 2015 was registered 12 370 cases, and in the first half-2016 — 12 507. According to doctors, last year was just over 28 cases per 100 thousand population, in that are more than 32.

The medical examiner Elena Kucheruk thinks the TB situation and impact of that on the freedom of inmates with untreated diseases.

«If you call the main causes of it first, people who are victims of the conflict in the Donbass and lost the opportunity of treatment. Secondly, it is not a reformed anti-TB the direction of. And third, the consequences of the «law of Savchenko,» she says.

Informally sources «» in state penitentiary service said that the terrible indicators in prisons can cheat on purpose, to sell dozens of prisons to private owners.

«We say that each region will be offered for sale at the two colonies. But the Kyiv SIZO, on the contrary, supposedly will not be sold. It put up for sale, but some call it a tactical move to divert attention from the sale of other objects» — said the capital’s jailers.

The Ministry of justice on the question of the sale of prisons replied evasively, saying, do not rule out this possibility, and all the indicators of mortality and disease called correct. The main reasons for the sale of the prisons: many dwells very little prisoners and to contain the whole complexes for them — it is unprofitable for the state.

Recall that in may Cabinet approved the reform of the penitentiary system.

Media: the prisoners began to die for lack of medicine 16.11.2016

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