Media: the organizers of the failed coup in Montenegro participated in the annexation of the Crimea

The organizers of the failed coup during the elections in Montenegro on October 16 took part in the Russian operations on the organization of the occupation of the Crimea. About it reports the edition «Crimea.Realities», the disposal of which there was a video conversation on Skype one of the accused in the leadership of the subversive group, which is suspected of plotting a coup in Montenegro, the founder of the radical organization «Serbian wolves» Alexander Sindzhelich.

The video was submitted to the editorial Board of the interlocutor Sindzhelich – the Serbian political scientist, Director of the Fund of SEAS Ventsislava Buyitem.

According to Buyice, the conversation took place on 11 March 2015. In the video Sindzhelich boasts of its ties to Moscow, namely in the Russian defense Ministry.

As explained Bojic, out of context of the conversation implies that Sindzhelich gave the Russian military recommendations on the basis of which they approved the candidacy of the Serbian «volunteers» and allowed them to participate in the operation to capture the Crimea.

As reports the edition, the most interesting here, of course, the fact of participation of the hapless «terrorists» from Serbia to the Russian occupation of Crimea – the same as the procedure for the selection and checks of candidates for such participation, at the level of the Ministry of defense of Russia.

Against this background, according to Buyice particularly disturbing recent report in the Serbian press that the status of Sindzhelich can be changed from accused to witness.

According to the Serbian scientist, the scale of the last ties with Russia indicates that the leader of the «Serbian wolf» was directly involved in the implementation of Moscow’s plans.

However, Sindzhelich was not the only contact the Serbian radicals with the Russians. Another organization that is suspected of complicity in the preparation of unrest in Montenegro, was the «Balkan Cossack army.»

Note that the Sindzhelich in early November found in Montenegro. He surrendered to investigators and was later arrested.

Recall, the Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic has accused the Pro-Russian opposition and its involvement in the script to force regime change in the country and his assassination on election day.

Before that, the Prosecutor of Montenegro Milivoje Catnic said that «Russian nationalists» is planning to kill the Prime Minister of the country to bring to power the opposition party.

Earlier the Guardian reported that Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev in Belgrade apologized for the Russians, the organizers of the coup attempt in Montenegro on election day, saying that they acted on their own behalf.

Media: the organizers of the failed coup in Montenegro participated in the annexation of the Crimea 21.11.2016

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