Media: the night before the report Yatsenyuk three times came on Bankova street

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk three times visited the presidential Administration on the night of February 16 — on the eve of the government report in Parliament. This is stated in the story «Backstage» programme «Circuits».

First Yatsenyuk arrived at the office of the President at the meeting of the faction «Block of Petro Poroshenko», while at the same time in the premises of the Cabinet of Ministers held a meeting of his faction «popular front». After that Yatsenyuk returned to the Cabinet, where he waited for deputies.

The second time the Prime Minister arrived about ten in the evening, when no journalists under the presidential Administration nor the deputies of the MFP was not. Yatsenyuk returned to the office of the President, drove to his car through the back door, say the authors of the investigation.

At the same time in the Administration was the leader of the faction «Batkivshchyna» Yulia Tymoshenko and close associate and business partner of President Poroshenko Igor Kononenko journalists revealed how they stopped and went back.

The third car premiere with back support on Bank about an hour a night.

The next day, on February 16, after the report of the government MPs acknowledged the government’s work unsatisfactory, but did not send in resignation the Cabinet of Ministers have 32 votes.

Including, at the last moment not voted for Yatsenyuk’s resignation and of the deputies of the MFP.

«Yatsenyuk, being in the President’s Administration, breaks the whole system of parliamentarism, trying to obtain a guarantee of its Prime Minister personally by the President. They agreed,» — said in comments to MP from the faction of the presidential Mustafa Nayem, after learning of unannounced night visits premiered at the presidential Administration.

A similar opinion was expressed by MP Serhiy Taruta: «it is clear to All — there was a planned game with the recognition of unsatisfactory work. And when it was time to vote for the resignation — as the mouse ran away. It is clear that it was an agreement Bank and the Grushevsky street».

Now Yatsenyuk this information is not commented. However, on 18 February, the Prime Minister said he intends to hold consultations with President Petro Poroshenko.

Media: the night before the report Yatsenyuk three times came on Bankova street 19.02.2016

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