Media: the main purpose of the Brussels terrorists could be Belgian NPP

The initial goal of the terrorists who committed the attack at the airport and the subway of Brussels on 22 March, had become a Belgian NPP. This was announced by the Belgian publication La Derniere Heure, writes European true.

«The arrest of Abdeslam deprived of a terrorist cell leader and likely prevented an even worse terrorist attacks. The actions of the Belgian authorities forced the cell to accelerate their actions and give up initial goals, among which the system of the Belgian NPP» — says the publication.

According to Derniere Heure, brothers Khalid and Ibrahim al-Basrawiwho carried out the attacks at the airport and the subway of Brussels were precisely those unnamed individuals who in December last year set a hidden camera in front of the house Director of the Belgian nuclear program.

Recordings from these cameras were seized during a police RAID in the home of one of suspected of involvement in the Paris terrorist attacks.

After disclosing this information, the Belgian government placed soldiers near 140 nuclear power plants.

Recall that after the terrorist attacks in Brussels was partially evacuated employees of the Belgian NPP «Tihange». About the reasons for the evacuation were reported.

Suicide bombers who committed explosions in Brussels, were forced to acted in haste after the arrest of the organizer of terrorist attacks in Paris Salah of Abdeslam. One of them, Ibrahim Bachraoui, left a note in the computer says with reference to the New Europe.

The Federal Prosecutor of Belgium reported that Ibrahim Basrawi, a year ago was deported from Turkey, left a note in the computer, which was discovered in a dumpster during anti-terrorist RAID in the Brussels suburb of Schaerbeek. Information about what the terrorists had lived in the area, said the taxi driver who drove them to the airport under the guise of tourists.

Investigators were able to recover the note. It States that the detention of Abdeslam scared him — he was afraid what will be next.

In the text of Barawi, speaking of himself, writes that he is «constantly on the run, not knowing what to do next.» He knew that it is a hunting, and never felt safe. He also added that the delay could lead him into a prison cell «near other».

Under «others», which probably meant Abdeslam — terrorist was afraid that his accomplice will cooperate with the authorities.

According to Belgian TV channel VTM, the terrorists really wanted to blow things up not on 22 March, and 28th — Easter.

Brothers Ibrahim and Khalid, Batrawi were well-known Belgian police were both on criminal cases and were associated with the «Islamic state».

Previously, it was suggested that they were able to escape during the police RAID last week.

Meanwhile, Salah Abdeslam ceased to resist extradition to France, and ceased to cooperate with the Belgian police, said his lawyer Sven Marie. Earlier, the suspect resisted extradition. Marie also said that his client «did not know» about impending terrorist attacks in Brussels.

Abdeslem Salah was detained on Friday, March 18, in the Brussels district of Molenbeek. Five months he was wanted on suspicion of organizing terrorist attacks in Paris in November last year. During the interrogation, he told investigators that he was going to blow himself up at the main stadium of the French capital, but changed his mind and got rid of the belt with explosives.

Two explosions thundered at the international airport in Brussels on Tuesday, March 22, at about 08:00 local time. The third explosion occurred in the subway at the station «Malbec». As a result of terrorist attacks killed at least 34 people, and another 230 were injured.

Responsibility for the attack took on terrorist group «Islamic state».

Media: the main purpose of the Brussels terrorists could be Belgian NPP 24.03.2016

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