Media: the head of the headquarters of the trump was able to obtain $ 12.7 million. of «black cash» Party of regions

The head of the electoral headquarters of the candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump, former adviser to Viktor Yanukovych by Paul Manafort could get 12.7 million dollars from Ukraine from 2007 to 2012. This is stated in the article The New York Times, which cites data from the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine, Ukrainian Pravda wrote.

«Handwritten books (the so-called «black buhgalteria» Party of regions — ed.) show 12.7 million dollars. hidden cash payments intended for Mr Manafort from the Pro-Russian political party of Yanukovych from 2007 to 2012″, –stated in the material.

Investigators NABOO say that the payment was part of the illegal system, which was carried out, including sponsorship of officers for election.

In the anti-corruption Bureau claimed that the name of Manafort 22 times it appears in the so-called «black hand», which contains information about the corrupt activities of the «Party of regions» for 5 years. The purpose of the payments is not clearly specified. It is also noted that these costs are recorded in handwritten records, it is impossible to reconcile with the Bank records and signatures of the recipients have not yet been validated.

It is emphasized that the name of Manafort in the list of «black accounting», ETC. doesn’t mean he really got the money because the signature given in column (recipients may belong to other people.

In turn, the lawyer of the head of the election headquarters trump told the publication that Manafort do not receive any such cash payments.

In addition, criminal prosecutors are investigating the group’s activities offshore shell companies that helped the members of the «Family» of Yanukovych to Finance their lavish lifestyles.

It is also noted that among the hundreds of agreements of these companies appears an agreement for $ 18 million. for the sale of assets of the Ukrainian cable television society, founded by Monforton and Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, who is a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Monday, August 15, the NEB confirmed that among the names in the list of so-called «black accounting» of the Party of regions, which upon application of Victor Trepak investigating detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine, was among others by Paul Manafort.

«According to a list of expenses associated with the person, since 20.11.2007, has allocated a total of more than 12.7 million U.S. dollars», – reported in a press-service of NABOO.

It is noted that the last entry in the so-called «barn book» party of Viktor Yanukovych on Manafort dated 5 October 2012.

«We stress that the presence of the names of Manafort in «lists» does not mean that he actually received these funds, because in the column of recipients includes the signatures of others. pre-trial investigation in these proceedings proceeds», – noted in the NEB.

As you know, in may 2016, «the Ukrainian truth» has published part of the so-called»black accounting» of the Party of regions in 2012, which was announced by Deputy Sergei Leshchenko. Much more of such documents, the President of Ukraine Victor Trepak referred to the National anti-corruption Bureau.

It is believed that the documents were seized from the office of Party of regions in Kiev under fire during the height of the «Euromaidan.»

Former adviser to Yanukovych by Paul Manafort was officially the head of the electoral headquarters of the trump at the end of June.

As you know, besides Yanukovych, Manafort advised of such notorious characters as the Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos or the Bahamas Prime Minister Linden Pindling, who was accused of having links with drug lords.

Manafort been an active participant in the American electoral campaigns of the last four decades and advised the candidates — John McCain and Bob Dole both presidents Bush.

Media: the head of the headquarters of the trump was able to obtain $ 12.7 million. of «black cash» Party of regions 15.08.2016

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