Media: the EU has accused Belgium in violation of the Schengen code

The European Commission considers that Belgium, which introduced the control on the border with France, has violated the Schengen agreement. This is stated in the letter of European Commissioner for migration Dimitris Avramopoulos Minister of Belgium Charles Michel and the head of the interior Ministry Jan Amboowho saw the newspaper La Libre Belgique.

The newspaper reminds that the government of Belgium has decided to return control of the border on 23 February after the announcement by France of the intent to demolish the camp for migrants in Calais known as «jungle».

On the same day the Belgian government has warned the European Commission about the return of border controls from 23 February to 23 March. The interior Minister of France Bernard Chasnov expressed surprise that, while his Belgian colleague assured that Belgium acted according to the rules.

However, the European Commission believes that the rules were violated.

«Return control of borders in accordance with articles 23 and 24 of the Schengen code requires the warnings of the European Commission before the planned restoration of control,» the letter by the Minister.

«In cases requiring immediate action, as it was written in your message, article 25. And in this case, the control may be administered for a period of more than 10 days,» he said.

The newspaper says that Belgium had no legitimate reason to resort to article 25, since the reasons for urgent steps were missing, and provides another quotation of Avramopoulos: «I ask you immediately to issue a communication under article 25 of the Schengen code, or you must cease control.»

In this case the Commissioner requires the explanation of motivation for the urgent introduction of control: «If you need a communication under article 25, I ask you to explain a serious threat to public order and internal security and to provide figures or information that prove the necessity and proportionality решениz with regard to the temporary restoration of control at the borders.»

Media: the EU has accused Belgium in violation of the Schengen code 28.02.2016

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