Media: the debt for utility services in 2016 rose more than 2 times

Last year the total debt of the population of Ukraine on payment of housing and communal services increased by 12.5 billion hryvnias, that is more than two times. It is reported DT.UA.

As noted, for today the debt of the population for housing and communal services exceeded 23 billion UAH.

«At the end of December 2016 the debt of the population for Central heating and hot water amounted to 9.4 billion UAH for gas and 6.4 billion, the maintenance of houses and house adjoining territories – 2.4 billion, a centralized water supply – 1.5 billion, export of household waste – 0.4 billion, electricity – UAH 3.3 bn. A total of 23.4 billion UAH debts. Of course, this amount did not arise during the year, but only for 2016 «accumulated» 12.5 billion, that is, the debt has more than doubled,» — said in the article Yulia Sameway «hostage of basewidget».

The author points out that at the same time, in the first half of 2016, the state «due to inadequate norms» of consumption and subsidies «overpaid» for gas 11 billion UAH.

«The amount of the comparative, the only difference is that the debts of the population — it is real money that must be extracted from the family budgets, and the «overpayment» of the state is the offsets between suppliers … and who out there thinks these «penny» — concludes the author.

On 7 February, the Cabinet adopted a decision to reduce social norms for housing and communal services taking into account the actual energy consumption by the population. As Julia writes Samaeva, approved changes will take effect from next heating season and directly affected the most vulnerable segments of the population — recipients of subsidies.

Media: the debt for utility services in 2016 rose more than 2 times 11.02.2017

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