Media: the company of brothers Klyuev start bankruptcy proceedings in Austria

The management company Activ Solar with Austrian registration, which were associated with the assets of brothers Klyuev in the field of alternative energy, was bankrupt with a half billion debt. This publication reports Die Presse in an article dated 10 February.

Austrian journalists called the news of Activ Solar «the largest corporate bankruptcy of the year».

According to the publication, the company’s debt ‘ amounted to $ 503,4 million euros. At the Vienna commercial court has already started the process of debt restructuring, the creditors proposed to pay less than 20% of the debt within two years.

Edition notes: the beneficiaries of the company consider Sergei and Andrei Klyuev, although they deny their involvement in Activ Solar.

In the message were not disclosed details of the trial. Indicated that as a result of bankruptcy were 34 creditor and three employees of the company.

As you know, from the beginning of March 2014 Kluev brothers came under EU sanctions.

However, in January 2016 the EU Court has recognized unreasonable sanctions «first wave» against the people’s Deputy Serhiy Klyuyev; decision on the claim of Andrey Klyuev, ex-the head of administration of Yanukovych, is still pending. However, according to the procedures of the EU, this has not led to an immediate lifting of sanctions against the Klyuev — the restrictions will continue to apply until at least March 2016.

It should be noted that sanctions alone did not cause the bankruptcy. So, in 2015, it was reported that the companies ‘ were able to circumvent the sanctions restrictions and to continue their business in Austria.

Media: the company of brothers Klyuev start bankruptcy proceedings in Austria 11.02.2016

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