Media: stream of refugees across Russia slowed due to the lack of bicycles

The flow of middle Eastern migrants trying to reach Europe via the Arctic through Russia, has slowed sharply, partly due to the lack of bicycles on which they crossed the border. It is reported «European true» with reference to Reuters.

People seeking asylum in Norway, using the bike for crossing the border with Russia, because the movement of pedestrians is prohibited, and drivers are fined if they carry passengers without proper documents.

According to the Agency, seeking refuge had gathered in the Russian town of Nikel, which is the closest major town to the border crossing, and can’t get to Norway.

«Here gathered more than 500 Syrians and they continue to arrive in the Nickel. Local bike shops are empty. Neither buses or taxis will not carry Syrians in Norway, because they do not have a valid visa and drivers will be fined by the Norwegians and denied the right to work in the international routes,» said one of the interlocutors of the Agency.

This year in Arctic Norway by about 1,200 were refugees, whereas in 2014 there were only a few dozen.

Earlier media published the story of one of the Syrian refugees who have reached the Norwegian Arctic route. To the border of Russia and Norway the Syrian was driving the car, spending $ 150. The same amount he paid for the bike, which drove through the border checkpoint «Borisoglebsk-Storskog».

Media: stream of refugees across Russia slowed due to the lack of bicycles 30.10.2015

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