Media showed elite real estate Vice-Prime Minister Kyrylenko

Vice Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kyrylenko is the owner of elite apartments in the center of Kiev, as well as country residence in the village Ivankovic. This is stated in the investigation «Gromadska».

So, in 2006, Kirilenko acquired a four-room apartment on 156,42 sq. m. in the elite high-rise building on Moskovskaya street in the Pechersk district. Today, the price of these apartments starts from ten million.

Real estate expert Denys Sedakov explains that they used to cost even more.

«In 2006, was generally different prices. This apartment was bought, if it’s a new house, it was without repair. Therefore, without repair, it cost 600-700 thousand dollars, Yes,» he said.

According to estimates Sedakova, renovation and furniture cost Kirilenko approximately 200 — 300 thousand dollars.

While the e-Declaration Kirilenko the cost of the apartment at the time of acquisition is estimated at 1 504 289 USD. That is, the rate of exchange for the year 2007, which is about 300 thousand dollars.

Country residence of Deputy Prime Minister is located in the village Ivankovic Vasilkovsky district is just 15 kilometers from Kiev.

Reporters noted that the size and architecture it is more like the Palace of culture.

The residence recorded on the wife of officer — Ekaterina Kirilenko. As noted in the extract from the register of real estate, in 2013 year she received a gift of five parcels of land in Ivankovychi.

Together the plots form a single array of nearly 80 acres. On this land and began to build the mansion.

At the moment, construction is almost completed, I just have to finish some works. The square is home to more than 900 square meters.

«It (the house) — an artificial reservoir. Hereinafter, the plot expands. Then it crosses a stream with two bridges. Behind it the land rises a few faux tiers with stairs. And so to the forest border which is decorated with planted perimeter trees,» write the journalists.

Assessment Sedakova, the cost of land – about 5 thousand dollars for a hundred.

«I would estimate well of five thousand dollars for a hundred. In the thirteenth year this could cost. Accordingly, there are about 400 thousand dollars for the station. Such estimated price for 2013 year» — said the expert.

According to the register of rights to immovable property, all the land of the wife Kirilenko received as a gift. The name of the giver is unknown.

Kirilenko refused to comment on this information. With the wife of the official reporters could not be reached.

Note that Ekaterina Kirilenko is a Professor of the Kiev national University of culture and arts. Recently, she became the heroine of a scandal – she was accused of plagiarism.

Earlier Vyacheslav Kirilenko submitted the electronic Declaration, which declared an apartment in Kiev with an area of 154 sq m, five plots of his wife and the copyright of her books, and dissertation.

Media showed elite real estate Vice-Prime Minister Kyrylenko 01.12.2016

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