Media: Russian security forces wounded civilians during the search for «saboteurs»

Near Armyansk on the night of August 7, under fire hit a car with two civilians, according to Russian TV channel «Rain».

«Rain» suggests that the car was shot at by Russian security forces in the search for «saboteurs». About the shelling of the TV station said the representative of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people in the Crimea Muzafar Fucale , citing witnesses and a friend of the victim Bach Aliyev.

That car came under fire of the military, Majlis representative told a friend who saw one of the wounded. According to him, in the car were a guy and a girl. The driver was hit three or four bullets, the passenger is in intensive care, said Fucale.

«It outperforms any minivan in the military. Without any talk — fire,» said Fucale.

According to him, immediately after the shooting the victims drove to the hospital nearest big city — presumably in Krasnoperekopsk.

The correspondent of «Rain» has been in the hospital Krasnoperekopsk. The employee confirmed the hospitalization of a young man and girl after the attack. According to him, they were transferred to the hospital of Simferopol.

The correspondent of «Rain» failed to get to the hospital of Simferopol. According to them, after a transfer from Krasnoperekopsk the young man condition deteriorated, the girl was still no information.

Information about the shelling of the car also confirmed the other driver Bach said.

«He was driving, listening to music, like the car ahead has put, I don’t know, honking the horn, he doesn’t even know how it happened. Everywhere was dark, went down the road. Then he says, he lost consciousness, he remembers nothing. He became a random victim. I don’t know what happened. Maybe mixed up. I was in shock,» — said Aliyev «Rain».

In a channel there is a video, which filmed a grey Skoda with the Crimean room. On the body of the car many marks of bullets.


Recall, 10 August the Russian Federal security service issued a statement about the alleged two attempts of the Ukrainian military to attack the Crimea and to stage terrorist attacks during the restraint which killed military and FSB agent, whose names were not named.

No conclusive photos and videos that would confirm the claimed of the FSB, its representatives are expected not presented — as in the beginning of the Russian campaign of occupation of the Ukrainian Peninsula in 2014.

Russian security forces called the name of one of the detained Ukrainian saboteurs». It was a former bus driver and fighter ATO Evgeny Panov of Energodar of Zaporizhzhya region. Brother Panova said that that was kidnapped. According to him, Eugene never on their own would not go to the Crimea. Ukrainian police have launched an investigation into the abduction.

In turn, the Russian media wrote that most of the detainees alleged «saboteurs» in Crimea turned out to be the inhabitants of the Peninsula, and some were in possession of Russian passports.

Later, the FSB has published video of interrogation Panova. But the Russian foreign Ministry called the name of another detainee — Andrew Sahte, Builder of Yevpatoria.

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the Ukrainian authorities that they «go to the terror.»

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called fantasies accusations against the Ukrainian military in the preparation of terrorist acts in the Crimea.

Ukrainian General staff regarded the statements of Russia as a provocation, and the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov called them «a new stage of hybrid war».

On 11 August the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko instructed to lead on high alert all units in areas admingranitsy the Crimea and the Donbass.

The speaker of the General staff of VSU Vladislav Seleznyov said that the Russian occupation troops on the border with the annexed Crimea deployed in combat formations and prepare for provocations.

The UN security Council held closed consultations on the situation in Crimea. Responded to the worsening of the USA and the EU.

The Ukrainian media, citing informed sources reported that the basis for increasing tensions on the Peninsula could become a drunken skirmish between military armed forces and border service of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine demanded from Russia immediately to provide safe and unhindered access of Special monitoring mission of OSCE in Ukraine, on the territory temporarily occupied by Russia of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, in particular for meeting with Panov and other detainees in the case of the fake «Ukrainian DRG».

Ukrainian defense Ministry on Saturday, August 13, denied reports by Russian media about the involvement of Ukrainian scouts to «sabotage» in the Crimea.

Moscow has said it will not provide access to the Crimea observers Special monitoring mission of OSCE in Ukraine.

Media: Russian security forces wounded civilians during the search for «saboteurs» 16.08.2016

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