Media: Russian players take cocaine to get out of the binge

Players of the Moscow football clubs regularly use cocaine to get out of the binge. This was in an article for the newspaper «Sport-Express» writes the Russian sports journalist Igor Rabiner, who spoke with current player of one of the clubs of the Russian Federation.

The journalist writes that interested in this topic after the disqualification of the football player of CSKA Moscow ‘s Roman Eremenko, which UEFA was accused of cocaine use.

According to Rabiner, one of the players told him that this is a common phenomenon in the Moscow football.

«I spoke recently to print with one active player. And I heard that in Moscow there is a practice teams to test the players after the weekend. And that some allegedly used cocaine for «high», but in order to get out of… binge: «perked up» and training», — the journalist writes.

As the journalist notes, from this conversation, he heard that some other famous players were just lucky, and they were not caught.

«At a critical moment they had to go to doping control. The names here on the public call. For – unprovable. But this story was not one», — said in the article.

As previously reported, ex-player of Kiev «Dynamo» Roman Eremenko, who plays for CSKA Moscow and national team of Finland, disqualified for 2 years for cocaine use.

Eremenko was born in Moscow, but is a graduate of the Finnish «Yaro», where he started his career. Played for Dynamo in 2008-2011, after a total of 77 matches and scoring 5 goals. The player appeared in the Ukrainian club after a few years of playing in the Italian Serie A «Udinese» and «Siena». From Dynamo, he moved to the Russian «Rubin» (Kazan), and subsequently — the Moscow CSKA. Playing for the national team Finland. Previously played for the youth team Suomi all ages.

Media: Russian players take cocaine to get out of the binge 21.11.2016

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