Media: Russia is ready to discuss the replacement of the Donetsk and Lugansk leaders, but the border control is not inferior to

The Russian side has changed its negotiating rhetoric within the «Normandy format», showing a willingness to discuss the replacement of the management «LNR-DNR», and also put forward requirements on pension provision Kiev residents of temporarily occupied territories, the cessation of the trade embargo and the official cancellation of the ATO. About this in his article for ZN.UA writes Sergei Rachmaninoff.

According to him, today the Russian diplomats demonstrate formal tendency to make concessions.

«In contacts with Western diplomats they are voiced, for example, a willingness to discuss the replacement of Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky other, compromise, and even agreed with partners in the «channel format» figures. But this, from the point of view of the informants, is not associated with sensitivity to the wishes of Berlin and especially Kiev. There are also more pragmatic motives: «leaders» is somewhat presumptuous, pretty caught stealing. This, incidentally, is one of the reasons why the financing of the «republics» is truncated. However, hypothetical bias odious «chapters» ORDO and ORLO Moscow serves as a demonstration of their compromise,» — he said.

In addition to this, Russia, according to the author, agreed to discuss the possibility of arms of the OSCE mission and its right to fulfill its functions not only during, but also after a hypothetical election in ORDO, although Moscow’s size and mandate of the mission Kiev categorically does not arrange.

Rachmaninov indicates that the Kremlin has also interpreted the requirements for the withdrawal of Donbass regular units of the armed forces, demonstrating its «flexibility».

«Not officially recognizing the presence of military personnel in the Donbass, Russia has demonstrated a «flexible» response to demands for clean out their regular units. According to our sources, a significant part of the Russian military in recent years has been derived from IDLO — as another demonstration of the pliability of the Kremlin. But impressive (and constantly expanding) group is still concentrated at the borders of Ukraine and at any moment can be transferred to Donbass», — stated in the article.

At the same time, the negotiating position of the Russians, according to Rachmaninoff, also changed.

«Hardly probable not the main requirements became mandatory pension provision Kiev residents ORDO full unconditional abolition of any form of trade embargo and official cancellation of the ATO», — said the author, noting that the worsening of Avdiivka gave Russia a pretext to strike in peacekeeping rhetoric, with calls for the «pacification» of Ukraine.

The author emphasizes that Russia remains unwilling to concede on the key issue relating to the provision of Kiev control border.

«Russia remains unwilling to concede on the key issue — the proposal is not that of border control by Kiev, but at least on the permanent monitoring by the OSCE mission to Moscow blocked. And without that, any talk of elections, «the special status», the de-occupation and reintegration, et cetera meaningless. They are meaningless without a full ceasefire and complete withdrawal of weapons — the starting point of the Minsk agreements,» he concludes.

As you know, earlier in the framework of the «channel» of negotiations, the Russian side insisted on the need for the approval of Ukraine’s «law on the special status of Donbass» and a complete Amnesty for militants.

On Saturday, defense Ministry spokesman for ATO Alexander Motuzyanik , citing data from the military intelligence said that the representatives of the Ministry of defence and the General staff of the armed forces warned the leaders of the so-called «DNR», which in the case of loss of control over the Biggest foothold they will be removed from their posts.

Media: Russia is ready to discuss the replacement of the Donetsk and Lugansk leaders, but the border control is not inferior to 04.02.2017

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