Media revealed a report about the compromising of the Russian Federation on trump

American TV channel CNN reported the possible presence of dirt on elected President of the USA of Donald trump , the Russian security services. About it, according to the channel, as stated in the Annex to the classified version of the report about the involvement of Russian hackers in the election campaign of the United States. Later «sensational dossier», a summary of which was laid on the table trump, was published by Buzzfeed: unlike CNN, the site was full of skepticism about the «unverifiable» claims in the address of the next US President.

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CNN claims that a two-page synopsis was not included even in the classified version of the report due to the nature of the information contained therein. With this app, according to the channel, the intelligence agencies, were aware of only the outgoing President , Barack Obama, President-elect of Donald trump and eight congressmen.

The channel noted that all of the sources provided information that formed the basis of the publication, on condition of anonymity, and no record. However, the note is a lot of indirect information that makes assumptions of the channel is more significant: for example, there are data on the sources of financing report, which became the basis for the secret synopsis and its immediate originator.

CNN claims that the information was obtained from a former employee of British intelligence MI6, which U.S. intelligence agencies believe a reliable source. He worked in Russia in 90-ies and got the data for the report from some Russian sources. Currently, the former British intelligence officer heads a private company specializing in data collection. Initially her work on this case financed opponents trump in the election race, and then donor-sponsored campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Sources told CNN that one of the arguments for the inclusion of this information in briefings for trump, which was conducted by the heads of the four US intelligence N. I., FBI, CIA and NSA, was the need to specify that Russian hackers got the data, compromising both candidates, but divulged only to those that hurt Hillary Clinton.

The channel claims that the journalists managed to read 35 pages of reports, which formed the basis of a two-page extracts submitted to the President. No details contained therein suspicions and accusations is not given. However, as stated in the publication, the documents referred to on continuous exchange of information between representatives of trump and intermediaries from «Russian government» during the election campaign.

The publication CNN notes that some of these charges were announced a week before the election the American magazine Mother Jones, who calls himself an independent, nonprofit source of information and Analytics. In early November, the publication claimed that the FSB was compromised of Donald trump during his recent visit to Moscow. The Kremlin did not comment on these rumors on the merits. Press Secretary of the President Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov said: «I am about these publications never heard of, and even more so not going to comment» (quoted by RIA «Novosti»).

Buzzfeed later published a complete dossier, which formed the basis for the publication of CNN. With skepticism Buzzfeed notes that composed it, «the man who calls himself a former employee of British intelligence» and contains many «untested, unproven, and potentially unverifiable information.»

Buzzfeed notes that a number of statements from the dossier in this case is easily refuted, but it contains obvious errors. For example, all the records of the company Alfa Group is called the «Alpha Group». Also mentioned that the suburban village of Barvikha supposedly closed and settle there only the people close to the Supreme leadership of Russia.

Note that abounding of the controversial parts of the dossier published in the day of the first big press conference trump in the rank of the elected President.

Trump in brief comments caps in his Twitter said that the release of fake news «political witch hunt».

Media revealed a report about the compromising of the Russian Federation on trump 11.01.2017

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