Media reports suggest that China has a new missile «air – air»

The people’s liberation army of China published on its website photos from the air force exercise «Red sword — 2016», carried out in November last year. Caught in the open access images have generated speculation that the Chinese military are testing the new missile’s range beyond line of sight of the class «air — air».

In one of the photos posted on the official website of the army of the PRC in mid-January, captured the twin-engine fighter «Jian-11B» (J-11B), carrying a large rocket. Its length is about a quarter of the 22-meter military aircraft.

In the exercise «Red sword — 2016», according to the Chinese air force, was attended by about 100 aircraft. Also at the end of 2016 websites devoted to weapons, spread of pictures with a Chinese strike fighter J-16, carrying almost identical to a rocket.

According to the Chinese government newspaper The China Daily nor the Chinese army, nor the contractors in the field of defense has not made any official statements about the possible appearance of new weapons. At the same time, the emergence of missiles in the pictures attracted the attention of those interested in the topic of weapons enthusiasts. Many of them believe that such a missile will expand the combat capabilities of the Chinese air force.

Currently, the Chinese fighters use missiles PL-11 and PL-12 to attack distant targets. However, their maximum range does not exceed 100 km.

An expert on the technical equipment of the air forces of China Fu, Caniso suggests that China has developed a new missile that can hit high-profile targets, such as aircraft distant radar detection (AWACS), and aircraft refueling. These aircraft tend to stay away from the combat zone during armed conflict. Caniso called them the «eyes» of enemy aircraft».

Most of the rockets of class «air — air» all over the world has a maximum range of about 100 km, Only a small number of new types of missiles to equip the aircraft with a RAMJET engine (ramjet engines) capable of reaching targets at a distance of 200 km, the expert said. Because of their short range they are unsuitable for attack by aircraft.

According to Canilao, the solution to this problem could be recommended fighter with missiles of very long range. «The successful development of this potentially new missiles would be a major breakthrough in upgrading the armament of the air force of China», — said the expert. According to him, the maximum range of such missiles could reach 400 km, which exceeds the range of all missiles «air — air» the air force Western countries.

In addition, the rocket will enter the stratosphere at an altitude of 20-50 km and continue on there until you find purpose and will not strike. The size of the missiles will equip its large state of the art radar guidance to detect targets.

Chief editor of Aerospace Knowledge magazine Wang Yanan said that can not determine the rocket in the photo published on the website of the Chinese army. At the same time, the expert suggested that ultra long range will allow her to use satellites to transmit data and control signals.

In the US, the missile of class «air — air» with the largest range is AIM-120D, the radius of which is up to 200 km In Russia’s R-37, launch range which is more than 300 km, and K-100, the developers of which claim that its radius reaches 400 km.

Thus in mass media there were messages that China is increasing its strategic weapons on the territory of the North-Eastern province of Heilongjiang near the border with Russia. In particular, it was reported that there supposedly was deployed Intercontinental ballistic missiles, «Dongfeng-41». Media of Hong Kong and Taiwan reported the appearance of free photos of these missiles, located near the city of Daqing in Heilongjiang province.

Military analysts suggested that the leak of the photos became Beijing’s response to the provocative statements of the President of the United States Donald trump against China. Deputy Director of the Institute for political and military analysis Alexander Khramchikhin pointed out that located in Heilongjiang missiles «Dongfeng-41» Russia will be unaffected dead zone. But to get to the United States, China needs to place Intercontinental ballistic missiles, as North, «which he does».

Russian authorities said that the deployment of missiles in China is not a threat to Russian security. The Russian leadership has assumed that it is rather a signal for the United States and Russia have nothing to fear.

In turn, Beijing has denied the information about the placement of missiles near the border with Russia. «This is just speculation of Internet users, speculation that is untrue», — said the head of the foreign Ministry of China Hua Chunying.

Media reports suggest that China has a new missile «air – air» 26.01.2017

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