Media reported the details of the life of the detainees near the Crimea deserters

SBU detained admingranitse in the Crimea military served in one piece and were the same age. Their data published on the website of the Peacemaker.

So, Maxim Odintsov did military service in the Naval forces of Armed Forces of Ukraine on the territory of Crimea and arrived on the mainland territory of Ukraine in the specified collection points. Went to military service to the Russian Federation.

Before the occupation, served in military unit А1100 (village novofedorivka) posts: senior aerial gunner helicopter detachment helicopter squadron.

On his Facebook page has photos from Peter, dated October of this year. Holds the rank of ensign. 25.04.1983 was born in the Crimea.

Another detainee, a 33-year-old Alexander Baranov. As Odintsov before the occupation, it served in part А1100 in the village novofedorivka, on the post planetist command post of the regiment. He was born in Kanev of Cherkasy region, lives in the Crimea. Rank — Sergeant.

At a press briefing on November 22 the speaker of the Ministry of defence on ATO Alexander Motuzyanik, answering questions of journalists, said that two deserters detained in accordance with applicable law in the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities, Ukrainian Pravda wrote.

«These people are detained on the territory controlled by Ukraine. Established that they were former members of the Armed forces of Ukraine who do not vypolnili the appropriate Directive and has not moved from Crimea during the occupation by the Russian Federation», – said the Colonel.

«So they betrayed the military oath and have appropriate criminal proceedings. The detention took place in the framework of the current legislation of Ukraine», – said Matusevich.

According to him, the purpose for which these people crossed the administrative border is still unknown.

Names while the defence Ministry does not disclose. At the same time the defense Ministry had previously named the Maxim Odintsov and Alexander Baranov.

As is known, the SBU has previously stated that he was detained on admingranitse the Crimea two deserters, who, after the annexation of the Peninsula moved to serve in the Russian army.

In Russia claim that former Ukrainian military, who changed the oath, allegedly enticed to the point «Dzhankoy».

Media reported the details of the life of the detainees near the Crimea deserters 22.11.2016

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