Media reported about the first results of ceasefire in Syria

The media published the first results announced by the UN security Council in the night of Saturday, February 27, the ceasefire in Syria. According to the testimony of Reuters and referring to the rebel Agency AR, the truce is generally followed.

According to the truce, in particular, gives hope on the delivery of humanitarian aid in many cities.

Reuters referring to the representative of rebels reported an attack by government forces in Latakia province. According to the rebels, it happened this morning, after the announcement of the armistice. Three fighters were killed.

The truce began at midnight on February 27 at time of Damascus. The commitment agreed between Russia and the U.S. the deal confirmed government forces, rebels and Kurds.

The truce does not affect groupings, recognized by the UN security Council terrorist — first of all, we are talking about the «Islamic state» and «Frente al-Nusra». For the ceasefire not established time frame, although earlier representatives of opposition declared that is ready to support him for two weeks.

With reference to the Syrian Supervisory Board for human rights Reuters reports that fighting continued until midnight and the first reports from the field after this time show that the firing stopped. At the same time were reported in separate incidents in Northern Syria, where in recent time has undergone the most heated battles for control of the territories from the Turkish border and around Aleppo.

The head of the human rights organization reported that in the vicinity of Damascus «quiet for the first time in many years.» From the base «Hamim» (Latakia), where the aircraft of the Russian VKS, departures are not recorded. According to him, in Aleppo were shots fired, and in HOMS — the explosions, the cause of which is unclear.

Thus on the eve of the armistice, the Russian foreign Ministry and the Kremlin stressed that «the cessation of terrorism out of the question», and strikes on the is positions will continue.

AP referring to rebel claims that government forces in several places continued the attacks after the truce. So, one of the witnesses reported the shooting one of the rebel-controlled towns in the province of HOMS.

The chances for the establishment of the ceasefire came after on Monday, February 22, the leaders of Russia and USA made a joint statement on the cessation of hostilities in Syria. Russia has made the support of initiatives from Bashar al-Assad, the US — from many opposition groups. On Friday, February 26, a spokesman of the Higher Committee on negotiations (WCP) to the Syrian opposition Riyadh Aha reported that the number of groups that agreed to respect the truce from February 27, exceeded one hundred and continues to grow.»

According to the UN envoy Stefan di Mistura, to resume negotiations between Damascus and the opposition is possible from March 7, under the condition that the ceasefire will be respected, and humanitarian aid will flow freely. He also confirmed that talks will be resumed in the same composition and under the same agenda.

Media reported about the first results of ceasefire in Syria 27.02.2016

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