Media reported about the details of a possible ground operation Saudi Arabia in Syria

While the U.S. government promote reserved position on the situation in Syria, affirming the need for a political solution to the conflict, in the media there have been increasing reports of military intervention in the middle East States. Turkey has already started bombing the positions of the Kurds in Syria. On the eve of several sources reported the transfer of hundreds of fighters under the control of Ankara through the Turkish-Syrian border in the province of Aleppo. Earlier it became known that, with the support of Turkey to send troops to Syria, maybe Saudi Arabia. Now it became clear that Riyadh is considering a ground operation in the South-East of Syria with the participation of Jordan.

According to about the plans of the Kingdom told The Financial Times a high-ranking Saudi officials. According to sources, Saudi Arabia may conduct a ground operation in South-Eastern Syria near the border with Jordan. In this case, it is possible to support the Kingdom by Jordanian forces, the newspaper notes.

Senior Saudi officials told the FT that in the last year Jordan has offered Saudi Arabia to deploy commandos on their territory. According to the leaders of the factions controlling the Eastern part of Syria, Riyadh has carried out exploration in this region.

It is worth noting that Saudi Arabia together with the United States actively supports Syrian rebel groups that are fighting against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The position of Russia in this conflict just the opposite.

In mid-December 2015 Riyadh announced the creation of an Islamic military coalition of 34 countries, the objective of which is called countering terrorism in the middle East. In the new formation entered Egypt, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, and a number of other Arab and African States. The list was not one of the largest countries in the region — Iran.

Riyadh officially announced in early February that he was ready to take part in ground operations in Syria does not own, but only as part of a coalition and under the leadership of the United States. Yesterday Advisor to the Minister of defence of the Kingdom General Ahmed Asiri reiterated this position, according to TASS. «If the coalition can agree on a ground operation, Saudi Arabia will be in the forefront. Saudi Arabia is a leader without which there is no stability in the region», — said the military.

Asiri also said that the air force of the Kingdom 15 February twice launched air strikes on positions of the terrorist group «Islamic state» in the city of hasakah, in northeastern Syria.

At the same time, the Saudi authorities do not exclude the overthrow of the Assad regime by force. Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Adel al-Jubayr , said recently that allows an option in which Syrian President Bashar al-Assad leaves his post «by force». However, he stressed that while his country was committed to a diplomatic solution.

While recently Ankara announced that Turkey will host fighter jets to Saudi Arabia and put them on the Incirlik base near the border with Syria. The Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that «Turkey and Saudi Arabia could begin a ground operation» if they had a strategy against «Islamic state».

In addition, the armed forces of Turkey and Saudi Arabia are conducting a five-day joint military exercise, which started on Monday, February 15. The maneuvers are being held in the Central Turkish province of Konya.

In turn, Turkey (with the support of which, according to media reports, Saudi Arabia could send troops to Syria), as reported by two senior Western diplomat, wants to create on its border buffer zone of several kilometers. According to the newspaper, this will allow Ankara to determine the scale controlled by the Kurdish territories. And fighting with Kurdish forces is a top priority for Turkey in the Syrian conflict, notes the FT.

Media reported about the details of a possible ground operation Saudi Arabia in Syria 19.02.2016

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